What's With the Username?

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Hello Hiveians!

I am venturing into uncharted waters here. I am starting a 30-Day Blogging Challenge by @tegoshei and I don't know how this will pan out. It made me very uncomfortable because it means I will be posting at least once a day and we all know I suck at posting with schedules. I'm in a constant battle of my procrastinating self so the idea that I should post once a day for 30 days made me very anxious. The topics are also way out of my league as some of them, if not all, are very personal. Now I don't have a problem with sharing very personal stuff since I'm doing it all the time, but it's very far from my travel posts. What made me uncomfortable is how to make it fun and engaging.

As @xaydtrips' had advised, "Don't bite more than you can chew.", but I will be very tenacious in this new endeavor. I guess I'll really bite more than I can chew here, but I will be proving a point. As for what that point is, I think you already have a slight idea, but I will be saving that until the last day.

I will be clarifying that from here on, not every topic in @tegoshei's suggestions will be followed. I might be skipping or replacing some topics depending on my interest of the day within the challenge. To be clear, this will be the most outrageous thing that I'll be doing in this space. If I'll succeed, it means anything is possible if you have the will to do it, but if I fail, it means I have a lot to work on in myself. You want to bet? My bet is that I will fail in the first week of this challenge. That's how pessimistic I am in this challenge, but I'll push through with it anyway. Again, I'm proving a point.

Let's start with the first topic in @tegoshei's list.

01 - Your Blog's Name/Username

When I joined Steem more than three years ago, I was not warned that my username would become my wallet address, would be unchangeable, and would be my identity forever. I remember @legendarryll told me that I could have chosen some fancy usernames like his or @thegaillery's, but I chose my boring username as it is. He said that your username is your brand and since you're in a social setting, you're promoting yourself and if your username has a great recall, it will definitely contribute to your success in the platform. I respectfully disagreed.

Take note that @legendarryll's an Advertising Arts major so, he definitely knew what he was saying. I agreed with him that your username has a contribution to the promotion of yourself, but I wanted people to see me beyond the username. I wanted people to value my work and the ideals that I stand for more than me or my username. I wanted to seen beyond my username. I guess I'm stuck with @ybanezkim26 and I have no plans of changing in the future.

So what's with the username? Nothing fancy.

I am Kim Ybañez, but I tend to write with my surname first. The number 26 is my birthday. I was born on the 26th of August so, 26 it is. Again, nothing fancy. Why not 08 for August or 93 for 1993? I don't know. I loved 26 more than any other numbers in my birth date. I could discuss the numerology and stuff, but that's not the point of this post. One of the misconceptions about that number is that it's my age. While it's true today, but it will change next month. Besides, even if I was still in college, I already used that as my email address. It's also my Twitter handle, my username in my bank accounts, my username in exchanges, and in any site that required me to sign up. I wanted it to be my identity ever since.

While I agree that it has a poor recall, it's the most authentic username that you can get from me. I already made it clear that I don't care if people will think highly of me or not; I only care if people will see the values that I stand for. So far, I have seen that the value of my work precedes my username.

I could have ended there, but that would be a bummer. Let me tell you a story instead.

The first meet up that I attended before was at Dolce Cafe and there were at least 50 people in the venue. Almost all of them were gone now, but some have remained. It was also the first time that I meet @tegoshei and I was already a fan of her posts. She's one of the very few people who joined ahead of us and she's really doing great with her blogs. It was at the height of a bull market so people were so ecstatic about their earnings and how they were able to cash out more than their month's salary in just one post. Meanwhile, I was barely a somebody. I was still figuring out a lot of stuff and the learning curve was so steep. There were a very few materials to study on and the ecosystem was so different compared now. Abuses were rampant and it seemed people just care about the dollars they were able extract. I was also frustrated that I didn't get the attention that I thought my posts deserved. It was so awkward for me at that meeting. Anyway, I guess you get the point, but that's not the story. 😂

So in the meet up, people were introducing themselves to each other and they were so delighted to see the real faces behind their fancy usernames. I can still vividly recall the gleam in their eyes when they said, "Oh! So, you're @thegaillery? And you're @fernwehninja? Wow! Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you, too!". And then someone approached me, I told her my username and when she posted about the meet up, I was tagged as @ybanezkim instead of @ybanezkim26. Another person asked what's with the 26, I told him it was my birthday. He thought it was my age and told me I was too young to be 26. And then there was @tegoshei, she was late. 😂 I took the courage to approach her and introduced myself, but I was shocked when she said she's a fan. We were fangirling each other that time and in that moment, I realized it's about the output that you put on chain.

How about you? What's with your username?

Note: Images and designs are from Canva.

Kim Ybañez

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Hahaha! Finally! I've always wondered what the 26 stood for. Thought it was your age 😂

See! That's what I'm talking about. People really thought it was my age. Well, I just hope it will stay like that even if after I'm past 26.

I'm so glad that you took up the challenge. :) Even if I said there's no pressure, I bet you have another challenge to do and that is not to procrastinate. I'll be cheering for you, Kim! :)

Also, it was so nostalgic reading a story of the meetup. However, I'd like to point out that I wasn't late. I was just busy that time because I was assigned to talk to the newbies (despite not being one of the leaders. haha), so I was in the other group. :) It was so nice meeting you that time. ^^

I haven't done my first post, yet. hahaha I'd do so after work tonight. (^_-)v

Oh! Sorry! I really thought you were late because it was already dark when I saw you. But it was a fun time. I hope we can have one of those times again in the future.

No worries... :) Gitunga man to and group that time. Mga naa nai account and those nga mag.start pa lang. Important thing is, nagkakita jud ta.. haha I really hope so, too. :) It's just sad that maihap na lang ang active. :(

I'm sure mudaghan ra ta in the future. Optimistic ko ana. I'm already planning a meet up in my head when quarantine is over. Haha

Sounds great! Iupdate ra nya ko ha? Would love to participate in meetups again. :)

Of course! Para catch up ta. Dugay nasad to.

Sounds like you've already given up before you've even started. Be more optimistic, I'm sure you can do it, it's only a month ☺
Very interesting read once again. Keep at it, I'm rooting for you ☺

I'm not too optimistic when it comes to myself. 😂 I just pressured myself to take up this challenge. I'm sure I'll figure out something in this. That's what I'm optimistic about. The lessons and realizations after this, that's what I'm looking forward to.

But you're right, I think I should also starting rooting for myself that I can do this. Thank you!

You'll be fine. Your work is up there and makes me want to raise my own bar. Just keep doing what you do. My Hive circle here in Moalboal are all big fans. Thanks for the hive by the way. @iamyohann explained why you do it and I think that speaks volumes about you and the integrity behind you and what you do.

😱 Thank you! I really wanted to meet your Hive circle there. That will be my first order of business when we're allowed to travel. I'm glad you appreciate the tip. It's just a small token though. Maybe I can raise it higher in the future.

I am also going to attempt the 30 day blogging challenge :). I may change the topics of a couple of days but it's an excellent idea, especially as we are in quarantine of sorts and its a real challenge to find a variety of stuff to write about

Yes! I'm glad you are taking up this challenge. I'll be on the look out for the kind of topics you'll be posting. I'm excited! 😂

yup this will be fun. I'll have my user name done tonight :)

Shared to Twitter:

It's great to know the history of your username, your username is already remarkable in the first place and you only proved that having a nice name doesn't really matter at all(maybe in the first impression) but in the end your achievements itself will promote your username.

By the way this 30 day challenge is quite interesting, but in my current sched. I don't think that I can manage to post everyday for 30 days haha

I also don't think I can manage to post everyday for 30 days, but I tried anyway. I'm excited for the outcome of this experiment. Kudos to @tegoshei for thinking something like this.

You don't have to write all 30 topics or write every day on consecutive days. :)

This sounds fun! I am looking forward to read your posts everyday in the next 30 days 😁 hehe no pressure. I know you can do it 👍👊 If you don't mind I will take up on the challenge as well. It is interesting to know the story behind your username and how you started.

Wow! I love to read your posts as well. Let's keep this challenge rolling! I don't know if I will last a week, but it's exciting to have you people taking up the challenge as well. We should thank @tegoshei for coming up with this challenge. I guess I'll be twice as busy - crafting my post for the day and reading your posts as well. Let's go!

I am heading over to @tegoshei to check out her other posts. 🙂

I'm enjoying while reading your story. It's about username but it seems many people were wondering why.

It's all in the past now because you became one of the popular bloggers in the Philippines. It's good to know though, this is a nice challenge. I'm thinking to join..🙂

Please do! Para daghan ta. Excited nako. 😂

hahahaha ako sad ni eopen sa discord sa hiveph para managhan jd ta..hahaha

Kana! Nindot na para mas mabusy pa ta sigeg basa. Interesting baya ang topics ni @tegoshei. It's more of knowing the person behind the username. Ganahan ko jud.

oo, nindot jud bitaw.. every topic niya kay nindot buhatag blog..pero may lag mahurot oi.hahaha

How do you pronounce Ybanez? Is it why-ban-s ya-ban-ez or is different in Tagalog? 🤔

It's pronounced as /ˈʔibaɲɛs/. 😂 Y is pronounced as e or i

Did you try writing the ñ letter upon registering your account before? 😁

I did. And it didn't work. 😂

It was an interesting read. I like what you stand for on here. Good luck with your challenge, I find that anything that a person is determined to do they can accomplish.

Thank you for rooting for me in this challenge! As I said, I'm already pessimistic about this challenge, but it's good to know it's balanced by those who believed in me that I can do it.

Confidence in yourself is the key to doing something new.

So 26 is your birthday, I did not thought its your age, you even look younger than 26.

Anyway thanks sa hive wa nako nabantayi hehe

You're welcome!

Thank you! I feel I'm barely 18 tho. 😂