Ten Interesting Facts About Me

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Hello Hiveians!

This is the second day of my 30-Day Blogging Challenge by @tegoshei and so far, I guess I'm still on track. Let's see what will happen in the next few days. In the first day of this challenge, it's about my username. I'm sure there are a variety of reasons why you chose your username the moment you joined this platform. Somehow you'll be stuck with it unless you create a new account. Anyway, I'll be sharing the links of all the entries in this challenge at the end of every post.

I would say that @tegoshei had really thought well about the topics. Some are too personal, but it's a good way to start knowing the people behind those awesome posts. No pressure though, it's about what you're willing to share. As for me, I'm an open book. I'll share what I can share about my life in the best way possible.

Let's start immediately because I felt this would be one hell of a challenge. I'm not really good at listing things about me. I'm that disorganized. The original topic is just "Ten Facts About Me", but I added the word "interesting" just to make this of course, interesting. 😂

Ten (10) Interesting Facts About Me
This is the Real Challenge

I don't know how to arrange this one so, it will be in a random order. I'll start with my MBTI.

1. I'm INTP-A.

Critics of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) say that believing the 16 personality types is the closest thing to believing in horoscopes. Some say that it is the horoscope for professionals. I don't care. I took the test many times in the span of years since I was in college and I get the same results. I'm always INTP-A.

I'm always "The Logician". They say that one of the strengths of an INTP is that we never demand and we are not lavish in terms of lifestyle. I can attest to that. I'm not really into over-the-top things.

2. I drowned three (3) times before I learned how to swim.

What does it say? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. The first one, I nearly died. I was in Grade 4 that time and we had a family outing at the beach. I didn't know how to swim, but I went after my aunt and uncle thinking it was just a shallow part of the sea. All I remember were the rays of the sun and bubbles coming out of my mouth. I couldn't remember what happened after they rescued me. Then I couldn't hear for one year after that incident. There was this hissing sound in my ears and I couldn't focus. I was treated and good thing I had my hearing back.

The second and third one were both at the river. That was when I was starting to learn how to swim. Not so eventful unlike the first one, but I swear I drank a lot of water in the process.

For others, they might develop some fear and would never want to get near in deep waters, but for me, I didn't stop until I learned how to swim. It's crazy, but I'm glad I'm crazy. How many of you have tried swimming in an open sea? I tried swimming in the middle of Tañon Strait when we were supposed to have dolphin watching, but our boat had engine failure in the middle of the sea. I still have fears of the abyss and the unknowns, but that was one for the books.

3. I'm an ambivert and I was once ambidextrous.

More weird stuff about me. I'm INTP, but I'm borderline introvert. My result shows that I'm 52% introvert. When I'm in a group that I'm comfortable with, I can be very loud. But when in a room full of strangers and acquaintances, I'll be in the corner observing. I have my time to be loud and go all out socially, but I can't sustain it. I easily get exhausted and would recharge in my alone time. I'm comfortable on my own, maybe that's why introvert wins.

I was left-handed. When I was in Grade 1, I saw that almost all of my classmates were right-handed. I had the feeling of being different because I write differently so, I practiced writing on my right hand. Before the year ends, I was able to write on both hands. As time went by, I was writing on my right hand until now. There are activities that I do on my left hand and some are done using my right hand. I guess I'm still ambidextrous until now.

4. I'm socially awkward.

Maybe it's related to the first one because one of the weaknesses of INTPs is we tend to be suspicious and distrusting of others. I'm trying hard to be approachable and easy-going, but there's this inherent uneasiness that I can't hide no matter how hard I try.

I can't sustain conversations. When we see each other in the future, please don't be offended or be upset when you observe me being uneasy or something. Sometimes instincts kick in and I can't help it. I'm also poor in reading emotional cues. Sometimes I find things okay because I don't easily get offended, but for others, I don't realize I hurt their feelings. I'm trying to figure this out, but the process is not linear.

5. I'm a voracious reader.

I'm this bookish, nerd guy since elementary. I read everything in the books during the first month of class and I would get bored after. So, I would spend most of my free time in the library. My teachers would also give me books to read. The usual number of books for a normal student was 8. Mine was 16. That's how I get ahead in class. I can answer questions even if our teacher haven't discussed them yet.

When I was in Grade 4, there were Australian volunteers who visited our school to donate books in our library and they asked some questions about Australia. Because I love geography and I dreamed of travelling since I can remember, I was able to answer all their questions. I learned that Canberra is the capital of Australia and not Sidney. I knew about Uluru and Tasmania and the volunteers were really shocked how I knew these things. Well, I had old National Geographic magazines which I don't remember how I got them.

I don't discriminate reading materials. I read nutrition facts and active ingredients, labels and flyers, anything that's readable. I read the back of shampoo sachets and all those long names of chemicals that constitute them even if I didn't understand a single word in that list of ingredients. When I ended up in chemical engineering, Organic Chemistry was so fun for me because I was able to associate those chemicals from what I read before. I don't remember them all, but there's this familiarity when I encountered them again.

Wait, were still on No. 5? This is a lot harder than I thought. I have ran out of ideas of what will be the next five entries, but let's move on and get this over with.

6. I love anything Korean.

I caught the Hallyu fever. From skincare to Korean food, I love them. Kdrama might be to be blamed. Kimchi was an acquired taste, but I love it. I can eat two bowls of rice when kimchi is present present in the table. I can't remember how many orders of kimchi I had during the quarantine.

Don't judge me, but I love anything Korean except K-pop. It's really weird that I have no inclination to K-pop. Maybe because their dance choreography is so complicated and I don't know to dance.

Visiting South Korea would be a dream come true and I have been planning since I had a job, but nothing happened so far. Sponsor anyone?

7. I'm not into branded stuff.

It boils down to practicality. My T-shirts ranges from Php 150 to Php 300. I just find it impractical to buy expensive ones when the function is just the same. I still use my pair of shoes that was bought 3 years ago, my bag that was bought 4 years ago, my cellphone that was bought 3 years ago. They're not expensive, but they have served their purpose so I'm cool with it.

For me, it's about how you use it. My brother's phone already cracked months after he bought it, while mine is still pristine (just so laggy) even if it's already 3 years with me. I can't say I handled my things with care because I just use them normally, repetitive even. I don't know why, but we're really opposite with my brother. He tend to ruin things unintentionally. My weakness is I'm so forgetful that I often leave my things from where I put them. I bought about 3 umbrellas per year because I often forget them.

8. I don't ask permission from my parents, I just inform them.

This might be construed as a negative trait, but we already had an agreement with my parents that I will never ask permission from them. I'll just inform where I'm going and who I'm with. That's it. Besides, if I want something or I want to go somewhere, they can't stop me.

We already built a mutual trust that I will tell them whatever I want to do and wherever I go. They also trust my judgment ever since I was in high school.

I planned to have a tattoo early this year, but Covid happened so it was postponed. My father was so cool about it when I told them, but my mother was reluctant at first. She told me she couldn't stop me so, she was okay with it.

9. I love late night talks.

They say that if you want to know the person more, engage in late night talks with that person. It is said that you're in your most honest state during late night to dawn. I think can smell pretense from a mile away so, I love talking to people, whether one-on-one or in a group, during their most honest and vulnerable state. I think can smell pretense from a mile away so, I love talking to people, whether one-on-one or in a group, during their most honest and vulnerable state.

I don't know why, but all those deep talks and philosophizing always happen late at night. A slight tinge of alcohol will help, but I'm fine without it. Talking under a starry night sky? That would be ideal.

10. I'm in a love-hate relationship with my work.

I love the technical and analysis stuff in my work, but I hate dealing with people. I can be evaluating whole day in the lab or making sure that the process runs smoothly, but when it comes to CFT (cross-functional team) meetings, I abhor it. I don't like the idea of toning down myself just to appease some fragile ego. Haha

I love the trial-and-error part, the estimated guess, testing and confirming which condition works and which one does not. I love the idea that I can do what I want for the day, but I hate consolidating my data. I hate the generation of technical reports and waiting for its approval.

Well, that was longer than expected. How about you? Can you share at least 10 facts about yourself?

Day 1: What's With the Username?

Kim Ybañez

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Hive seems to be overpopulated with INTPs!

It must mean something. The most common personality type is ISFJ and INTP is No. 11. And if Hive is overpopulated with INTPs, Hive must be a comfort zone for introverted individuals. I think blogging itself is an introvert's haven. I mean you don't have to be physically present to communicate and express yourself. I don't know. 😂

You an INTP too?

Shared to Twitter:

I knew it! Haha, The first time I read your one of travel post, I thought to myself that you must be an INTP. 😊 It was just a hunch. Interesting to read these facts about you.

What part of my travel blog made me as INTP? I hide it so well you know. 😂

I think that's a whole discussion best reserved over drinks when we meet here. Lol Pero promise, I don't know why and how, just did.

Hey there Arni! I also have a hunch about your MBTI. Are you an INFJ? Hahaha

Hehe you are very close, I fell under INFP but leaning towards and borderline INFJ 😊

Thanks for letting us know more about you. :)
Feel free to make changes on the list. (^^,)/
2 days down, 28 to go! hahahah xD

I'm tired. 😂
I don't know if I can go on. Haha

ahahahah.... then rest! Just pick up the challenge again when you feel like it... ☺ No pressure, Kim!

I can't prove my point if I'll stop so let's go. I'll finish this.

Go go go! ☺

But you still can't spell Sidney 😎

I spelled it Sidni because I'm Bisaya and we have this hard intonation. 😂

Nice to meet you Kim 😁
Joking aside, well done, almost there, only 28 days to go 🙂

I can do this! Although I'm tired already. 😂

me also very ambidextrous 😃

I can't distinguish which hand is more dominant. It's confusing sometimes. 😂

I can train myself to do things easily right handed. We were doing sledgehammer training ( crossfit workout) and after a while it was the same both ways. Weird isn't it. I'll bet you've stood back watching people trying to accomplish a task and you'll mention a way to do it that nobodies thought of before.

Yes! Sometimes the weirdest way of doing things is the easiest and most practical.

yup, many times I've done that and thought why you all can't see this is easier

You met your objective Kim! This was an interesting read 😁

Nagkagoot naning hive og mga inteovert people ba.

Anyway, grabe dy ka mobasa ha. Imagine twice ang kadaghanon sa imo mabasa ordinary nga bata. I never thought you are this amazing person. I knew you were before but I just thought na di kaayo layo og gap sa knowledge.

Natubag jus nimog mga pangutana. Grabe ka mo store dy og knowledge kim. Ug unya karon maayo na gyud ka molangoy?hehehe

Hive is haven for introverts. Imagine you can interact without being physically present? Ideal kaayo na situation.

Maayo nako mulangoy ron pero I can't save anyone except myself. 😂

Bisan unsa ra gyud akong basahon. Pati mga magazines sa Jehovah's Witnesses kay dili ko na palampason. 😂

Wow pretty cool that you still managed to learn to swim after those incidents. I don't have scary moments like you as I always attempted on a swimming pool when I was learning. However, I did struggle quite a bit before I got comfortable.
I don't own branded clothes either, except for a pair of shoes that my brother sent me. 😄

I haven't tried a swimming pool until we transferred here in Cebu. Since I was young, it was always a river or a sea. Both are dangerous for those who doesn't know how to swim. I guess the idea of floating in the water has more weight to me than my fear of drowning. Haha

I was smiling all the way reading this. Love #5 #7 #8

I love the technical and analysis stuff in my work, but I hate dealing with people.


Hahaha! I'm so full of myself while writing this. But I'm not sorry. 😂