VIDEO: "El Molino de Viento" - A Watercolor Painting

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"El Molino de Viento"
watercolor on paper
40 x 30 cm (15 ¾" x 11 ⅞")

You can follow the development of this painting by watching the short video. For those in a hurry photos of the individual steps are attached below.

Ihr könnt euch die Entwicklung dieses Bildes in dem kurzen Video ansehen. Für ganz Eilige sind unten Fotos der einzelnen Schritte angehängt.


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Thats a vibrantly colorful sky.
I like the silhouette. It even has a rooster weather vane on top. I like it

Thanks. BTW, did you know you and I are the only guys on here who are actually looking at each other's posts? What's wrong with us?

Yes I was aware of that lol. I'm pretty sure you and one friend of mine who doesn't even have an account on the platform, are the only ones who read what I write. I often think to myself "whats the point?" and then I disappear for a while. I always come back though. There is something wrong with me.

We were out and about yesterday and I caught some drone footage. Spent the better part of today editing a small video that may get upvoted O.K. but hardly watched. Is that masochistic or just plain crazy?

Well, its productive. It passes the time.