Texas Is Getting A Taste Of Nigeria And It's Cracking Me Up

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While I deeply empathize with the people of Texas currently going through power outages, I can't help but laugh at the outrage it's causing them, especially people on Twitter. Now, before you call me mean, put into perspective that I'm Nigerian. I was born into power outage, in fact I'm not certain the hospital I was born in at 9:45pm on a Thursday twenty-something years ago had any electricity.

Over here something as delicate as deliveries happen in candle lit rooms and everything is done manually. We hardly ever have electricity so whenever it comes on, we go, 'up NEPA' out of excitement. The first words of a baby born here would probably be, "UP NEPA" (NATIONAL ELECTRIC POWER AUTHORITY). I see my two year old niece like every other kid in the neighborhood jump for joy whenever power comes on and it's both funny and sad.

Constant power or even six hours of power a day is a luxury here and it's all but normal. I see Nigerians in Houston making jokes about how they're not gonna bitch about the power outage because it was literally their life here in Nigeria. The only unusual thing is the really cold weather they can't stand.

Unlike Texas where the outage is as a result of extreme weather conditions, over here in Nigeria, the lack of electricity is caused by thieving politicians and a very shitty system.

Now you see where I'm coming from, you'd understand why a thread of people whining about 6 hours without electricity is funny to me. In my country we go months and years without power and the government doesn't give a hoot about it. It's not normal but that's how we live over here.

Another reason why I need to get out of this shithole.


Hahahah... Better get ready to leave the shithole but be prepared for what the immigration officers would also suck from your pocket once you step into their arena to acquire a passport.

Loll... If you get that Opportunity to fly away, just go without looking back.

We are not living life here.

I already got a passport some months back and yes, I paid more than the fee stated on the website.

Cold wan finish men for there because the can't use their heaters. The funny thing about Texas is that they don't usually have extreme weather and they're among the states that think global warming is fake or some shit.
It is an unfortunate irony

They were hit good 😆

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Yo I’m just north of Texas and this is super interesting. It really is crazy out here though. I’ve never seen this much snow in my life. But what really made it bad was how cold it was. It was -9 Fahrenheit here at one point and the humidity makes the air feel even colder.

But yeah, most people should be alright with power outages. Most people can stay warm in the house but, it became an issue when people start trying to drive on the roads.

That's a drastic change

How are you holding up now?

Really well, it was good break for me. I made a bunch of post and got caught up on some homework.

I actually just went out exploring...




This is actually a huge lake out here. I’m almost certain there’s a layer block of ice under there. The geese have been walking on the lake and it looks like some people have walked across too lol

Oh wow. I'd never go near there knowing there's a lake right under.

Have fun while it lasts, although that might be hard. It's not everyday you get this much snow