Who Do I Follow on Steem & Why? | Cause and Effect: Engagement is everything (or at least a very significant part of it).

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Entering any type of social network is practically a synonym for engagement and interaction for many people who want to make the most of them, participating in the right way (yes, there are rules and the virutal field is not a "nobody's land" like many people insist on believing) and, in their own way, build a path that allows them to show as clearly as possible the transparency of their identity and, thus, create a type of brand that will attract and inspire people with the way you think and how you present your ideas or just push them away from that.

Age of Robots

In the middle of this construction process, no matter how much we plan how everything will happen, the truth is that many things are forming and we do not realize this until everything is already following a certain flow. Bridges are created and through them possible friendships are realized (although many times - for many reasons - there is no "face to face" meeting to solidify this) we keep in touch with people who somehow inspire us with their thoughts and with their ways of writing and when issues in common arise, the affinity gets even closer and you start to follow the development of these people in a more natural way and not by any kind of obligation to keep the bridge in perfect condition.

When I talked about bridges in the paragraph above, I am referring to the moment when every user realizes that Steemit is like a big family and begins to understand how much each member here is dependent on each other. Just like in real life, no one can evolve alone and needs - directly or indirectly - the help of others and that's where networking starts to work its magic. However, nothing happens automatically and it is necessary to invest many elements (such as determination, creativity, patience, teamwork and above all, respect) to build this bridge and this construction will last as long as its maintenance happens, because there is no expiration date.

Considering all that I have just written, my list of why I follow the people I will mention is based on very specific points that have become natural connectors for me to maintain a connection with everyone. Each of them had (and still has) a relevant influence on my participation here and in most of the achievements I have already achieved (again here I reinforce that alone, nobody achieves anything) and although some of them are no longer as active as soon as possible, what I have learned from each of them is extremely valid due to the size of the impact that this dynamic has given me, especially here within Steemit.

Without an order of preference, here's my list:

Wagner Tamanaha


Thomas H Blum

These two were responsible for being some of my "mentors" in my first steps inside this place and when everything was still very confusing (due to the excessive flow of information that I had to learn to manage at that time), they were always willing to clarify all my doubts and from there, we started to interact and since then, I have always learned something important from them. Every journey has a beginning and here at Steemit, a part of mine I owe them for being so welcoming.

P.S.: Tamanaha continues to post and helping the Brazilian community a lot, while Blum has been away for a while but he has already explained the reason for his reasons and I hope that one day he will come back in full force.

Letícia Chiantia

Writing is a difficult exercise for many people, but there are some who can excel without making much effort... And here is an example of them. Your posts, however simple they may seem, always bring an approach that - depending on the subject - is direct for bringing useful information or well contextualized for being able to dialogue very well with what is being written (making it seem that writing is, in fact, an easy job). Whether bringing and commenting on books, music, movies, travel or aspects of life in general (yes, the "eclectic" factor here is very visible), here is another example of who is part of the team I follow.

Casberp / Reborn

Particularly considered as my financial mentor, when it comes to directing me through the best ways of what to do with my earnings (in particular, to enhance them, as well as making me aware of all the news that are being implemented in Steemit a regarding its functioning) that person is the one who plays a very important role for me. Always engaged in creating projects and presenting new alternatives that help everyone (mainly Brazilian users, who still do not have so much visibility here), not mentioning this person on my list would be an injustice with whom he tried to help me and always continues to help whenever I need.


This is one of the users (for some time also absent for reasons already explained) that I follow that puts the most irreverence in what he writes (making everything lighter and more fun to be read) and the aspects of personal life that are described are always curious by the fluent way they are described for those who are reading your posts. The dreamy vibe (but realistic, always keeping both feet on the ground... but the mind up there) is nurtured in a pertinent way that added to the "crazy" way of looking at life inspires me because I also identify with these types of posts where motivation ends up being an essential factor and that is responsible for bringing about changes in my mindset.

They Call Me Dan



Every time this duo launches an initiative / contest it directly helps me to improve my writing process more and more (something that I like to do naturally, but that is always in a constant pace of improvement). What they do is not just about launching challenges, but about establishing creative ways (with relevant / engaging themes) to create greater engagement among users, allowing them to discover new content to be read, new profiles to be followed and provide a greater visibility chance to achieve new gains (which go beyond the financial part).


The posts that catch my attention are about Cinema (in its general aspect). From the criticism of films to the way in which some cinematographic processes are made allied to the personal look at how everything happens (illustrating and creating a very exciting "behind of scenes"), all of this is interesting and very attractive because as a professional future in this area of entertainment, that kind of content is something I would like to see more around here. Not only in the technical part, but with a more immersive perspective on the many elements that make up this world full of so many and different possibilities.

Tábata Oliveira

Of all the people I follow around here, maybe this is the person who most likes to exalt his personal roots (as if he wanted to shout loudly to the four corners of the world) and it makes me feel great (besides helping me in various creative processes) when I read your posts because they can show a simplicity that is amazing and culturally very rich. This intimate way of talking about moments in life offline for a bunch of strangers is very much described by someone who makes a point of recording those moments (including some of them with a very special content).

Gui Faquetti

The interest in music is something that I also share here and this is a user who can get beyond the trivial and comment on the subject more appropriately (in this field, I am a simple connoisseur who sometimes risk some opinions by publishing some posts about the musical world). The approaches have a lot of personality and this is something that I consider very important within an entertainment medium that often tends to be too superficial, leaving the opportunity to stamp thoughts with a blunt explanation and that really manages to bring - in general - something aggregator for those who are reading.

Well... That's it, folks!

I mean, maybe I could go on making a much more expansive list (although I always think that making lists is tricky and kind of an injustice, haha!), but I believe that these 10 examples of people I follow around here make clear several of the reasons I believe to be important to keep the bridges interconnected and to make this ecosystem (Steemit) continue to work in the most appropriate ways possible.

That's my entry for the initiative Who Do I Follow on Steem & Why.

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You're RIGHT, Steemians are like family members. There are lots of people engaged in many communities across #steem blockchain.
It's beautiful seeing people help each other not only by voting but also curating new, unseen and valuable articles.
It's great to be here and BOI, our journey has just began. This list will definitely have an impact.
Have a great day!

Engagement is a great way to get followers and yes, it must be meaningful engagement. Ignoring engagement ahs sunk the returns of a few very popular accounts. Steem is similar to real-life if you are anti-social, don't expect a large following.

I started following Namiks because of this post. I love the cinema.

Muitíssimo grato e contente pela menção! Minha principal motivação para steemit sempre foi comunidade e você, considero da família. Irmão! Tudo de bom e muito sucesso sempre, em tudo o que focar e desejar que resulte em benefícios para você e a todos ao seu redor!

Aproveito pra concordar que o pessoal que citou é realmente nota 10! @wagnertamanaha sempre dando excelentes idéias e colaborando em todo o lugar que pode, com profissionalismo, bom humor e uma incansável prática de ajudar as pessoas.

Thomas sempre descobrindo e compartilhando boas novidades, pensando sempre em termos de expansão da comunidade.

Hranhuk, sempre demonstrou amizade e cooperação com os projetos brazukas e a Leticia, animada e perseverante, com certeza deixou sua marca em cada um dos steemers com quem interagiu(age).

É legal receber uma surpresa dessa. Valeu!

A recíproca é a mesma! ;)