Wild goats in Rila mountain

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Hi guys,

I decided to start using the platform 3Speak for uploading video content because it is directly embedded into the posts and you do not need to click on links which would forward you to another website often violating privacy and security rules. In this way you could fully immerse youself in my blog experience while reading it. They say that an image is worth a 1000 words. Well then a video should be worth a 1000 images by that logic 😄 Lets see if that is true 😋

A brief overview of the history behind this video:

2 weeks ago I went to one of the steepest and hardest peaks in Rila mountain. This is a bit inferred with perturbing names like Double Head and Evil Tooth 😄😄 An Amazing experience. Double Head looked like a serpent and Evil Tooth was sharp as a Saber-toothed tiger 😱. I want to upload like 3 or 4 videos in a row on one post so that I can show you everyting but I just started using 3Speak so I do not know if there is an option for uploading multiple videos on a single post. Please let me know if this is even possible to do :) I have videos of Double Head Serpent and The Saber Tooth 😍. I climbed the latter with alpine gear 😬. So there is stuff to be shown but I do not want to create like 5 posts for each video.

Anyway, the story goes on. This video was taken descending from the peaks. I stumbled upon benevolent wild goats who were not afraid to show off and pose for the camera 😎🐐. They were jumping over the snow and quite frankly I really enjoyed their presence. It was an excellent conclusion of my hike trip. I even got an additional energy pump to come down with a smile on my face 🙃.

Have fun watching 🙏❤️

▶️ Watch on 3Speak

I wish you a wonderful day ahead!


Stay happy, be peaceful!




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▶️ 3Speak


I think that something you are looking for..

  1. Multiple videos upload comes with this new app on Hive...


You are talking about Dapplr right?

Yep 👍

Good question @velinov86

There is a kind of an option to upload multiple videos at the same time.

But you have to prepare you self few hours early.
For example you can upload the videos 1 by 1 but to use the option “schedule video for a later date” and just put the for example 2-5 hours later by the time of upload.


I’ll recommend take at least 2/3 hours early before the time you want them uploaded Because the system has its own hours that automatically upload the videos in this hour.

Let’s say you want your video uploaded at 2:00 pm but you upload your videos to the platform at 1:45pm them they may not be already encoded by that time.

Once you try it you’ll get it I hope you got my point.


Sounds great! But wouldn't that generate 1 post per video upload? So I will upload 3 videos which will generate and post on my wall 3 different posts. I want 1 post with 3 videos inside.

Yes will generate 3 posts correct ;)
I don’t think is possible for what you want yet...

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