I caught COVID-19

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Hi guys,

I haven't been active for almost 2 weeks and the reason was that I caught the deadly COVID-19 virus. I am still in remission but now I am able to sit down and write a blog. For the last 10 days, I was so sick that I couldn't even stay on my PC. I am going to tell the whole story from the beginning so that more people are aware of what to do if they encounter the virus.

The horror started on the 20th of July after I got home from a social event outside. I felt hot, exhausted, my muscles were tigling. I knew that this was not something normal and for sure I was catching some type of a virus.
On the next day I woke up with fever and my head was in a daze. I started feeling a burning sensation in my throat. I knew that I was sick but something was not right. I have never experienced such strange sensation in my head and such fatigue that I was trembling. I really hoped that this was it and it is going to go away soon. The next 4 days, it was only getting worse. I started feeling tightness in my upper lungs, then gradually the sensation covered the whole lungs and started to squeeze them tightly. I was breathing with full capacity but it was a forced breathing that eventually got my lungs aching.

I still thought that it will go away, but then my head was stunned and the pain was nothing I have experienced in my whole life. I could only lie down in a star position and gaze at something on the ceiling. No thought, I looked like a person who has a mental disorder. Accompanied with the feeling of somebody squashing your chest with his boots I broke down and had to call 112 (that is the emergency number in Bulgaria). I told them my symptoms and that I was afraid that I may die at any moment. I haven't been tested for COVID-19 so I could only tell my story with no proof. I explained how I was getting worse and worse and it is now unbearable and I need some assurance that I was not going to die tonight and also what to do next.
The person was very kind and transferred me to a lady who had passed the illness asymptomatically and she calmed me down. She said, you do not have such harsh symptoms. You breathe normal. You need to be suffocating for an ambulance to rush in. I understood her but was furious that I have to wait until I am actually close to passing out when the ambulance will come. There was nothing I can do but wait and endure the terrible pain. I started to wake up every couple of hours at night and not sleep deeply and that was when I drew the line. That´s it! I am going to get tested for this virus and visit a pulmonologist.
I have been waiting for a week now to get better and I was getting only worse. It was obvious that I was COVID-19 positive, but nobody would take me seriously without a proof. But in Bulgaria, you need to pay 125 leva (around 76 US dollars) for a test and it is not 100% accurate. While in other countries in the European Union like Germany and France, the government take up all fees and even help with the medicaments.
So I went and got sample swabs from my mouth and my nose. No blood test was required. After that I started visiting different hospitals to check if my lungs are alright. The test was going to be ready at the end of the same day.


First I went and got an X-ray on my lungs because I was fearing that I may have gotten pneumonia due to not taking any medicaments for a week.


The results came out negative for an infection but there were some blurry spots on my lungs indicating possible tuberculosis. So I had to do a tuberculosis blood test to get this out of the equation. The thing was, if my test for COVID-19 was ready and positive, probably there wasn´t going to be a need for that test but unfortunately people did not know so I had to go.


And so I went to got tested. The results, of course came out negative:



The major big hospitals wouldn´t grant me passage for a pulmonologist without a COVID-19 test so I had to go to hospital that specilizes in pulmonary diseases. And so I went there:


Looks like a prison of a kind. This is not far from the truth. The buildings behind this fence are all about infectious diseases and people are kept in check the whole time.


That is one of the entrances there. I wanted to visit the pulmonologist in charge whose building was a little further away.


That was his cabinet. I went to see him and showed him my X-ray and also explained my symptoms. He was very relaxed and didn´t seem to care that I may be contagious. I guess he had already passed the illness and had antibodies. He explained to me that I did not develop any lung disease and needed to take an antibiotic to make sure it stayed that way. He explained to me that there is no direct cure to the COVID-19 virus. But we can alleviate pain symptoms and prohibit bacterial infections in the body (which are the complications factor and lead to hospitalization).
Here comes maybe the most important part of my blog. Medical treatment of COVID-19:


Basically what COVID-19 does is causing fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, headache, lung problems, loss of smell and taste, etc. At least that were my symptoms. And on the worst days, I had to deal with the fear factor. Above were the medicines that helped me cope with the illness:

Sumamed (or Levofloxacin) with active component azithromycin helped keep my lungs uninfected. This is an antibiotic taken 1 pill per 24 hours.

With it I had to take Duspatalin or Linex Complex. Actually 4 hours before or after the consumption of Sumamed.

Duspatalin/Linex Complex are for intestine microflora health. They would prevent stomach infections, swelling, and also diarrhea/constipation.

Analgin is for the acute headaches.

Neuropan and the Rescue drops from Bach are to calm down and sleep better at night.

There are also other meds that are very helpful but I learned about them later and didn´t use them because I got better, like for example Dexamethasone. This is a corticosteroid that helps a lot when there is urgence and the person has real difficulty while breathing. Suppresses the immune response and calms down the body. Reduces all kinds of inflamations in the body. I should have began taking it along with Levofloxacin but I did not know that and suffered quite a bit.

For the temperature, I used paracetamol and Fervex complex but then learned that Vitamin C actually activates your immune system and triggers blood clots. And COVID-19 is notorious for creating blood coagulation. This means that all immunostimulants like Vitamin C or Aviron rapid or Stamatin should not be used as treatment because they activate the immune system. And while we all know that it is good to have an active immune system, this is not the case for COVID-19. In case of COVID-19 we have to calm down the body and reduce any inflamation and let the virus die without overacting.
That information, I also learned too late and was wondering why I felt worse after taking Vitamin C and Aviron Rapid.

Anyway, the best thing that a person can do in this situation is to stay calm, take the meds, and possibly do some breathing exercises. I was able to do the Wim Hof Method while having difficult breathing. I was reaching 2 minutes medium hold on exhaled air which was quite good considering the situation. And after 5 rounds, I really felt relaxed and less worried. But this is Wim Hof Method. I do not know if other breathing techniques would be that beneficial. For example, yoga breathing technique called bhastrika did not help me at all. It even worsen my lung issues and caused a panic attack. So because of that, I only recommend WHM.

Anyway, to continue my story, I went to my assigned general practitioner to tell her that I got tested for COVID-19 and also let her know what meds I will be taking. Here is the medical center. It was raining sporadically.



Later on, I went to the Pharmacy and purchased all the meds (resting the best ones that could have actually reduced all my symptoms but oh well...).


The show goes on. Here is the proof for my COVID-19 infection:

COVID19 Positive.JPG

After knowing for sure that I was COVID-19 positive, I became even more vulnerable on a psychic level. Unfortunately, my parents were also very scared and concerned about my heath and well... got contaminated when visiting me. My mom and dad tested positive for the virus but fortunately did not have any autoimmune illnesses so did not develop respiratory issues. My mom had severe headaches and fatigue, my dad is asymptomatic for the moment. I do have a mild case of asthma and also atopic dermatitis which would explain why I am having so much respiratory troubles. But generally, people with no autoimmune illnesses should pass COVID-19 asymptomatically or with mild complications. At least this is my experience up to this moment. We are going to be another week and a half in quarantine so I might write another blog continuation on this one. We are all in remission but all I want to say is that COVID-19 is real and should not be underestimated by no one. It is highly contagious and easily inflicted. Yesterday, we had over 100 000 people on the street who were protesting against the government most of them with no masks or protection. While I support the protest because the people who rule us are not fit to do that and condone corruption, I can see the whole country exploding with the virus pretty soon. These people are protesting but then going to work on the next day and breathing the whole day in an office with air conditioning spreading everything everywhere. This is imminent. No wonder I got contaminated. Hopefully, my family will never experience this virus never again.

Stay happy, be peaceful!




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Dude, this is crazy! A young and very strong and fit man and you still suffer so much! :( So sorry about that. I hope you are much better now. And your family too.

Thank you man! Unfortunately, the virus doesn´t care if you are fit or not. It attacks straight ahead! And I am a good target because I was born with atopic dermatitis and asthma. This is why we have this pandemic. We will get over it!

I wish you to get better soon as possible.
And again if the mind is playing against you...
Not good at all...
And always breathing with awareness can help you feel better in current time.

Namaste 🙏

Thank you @iliyan90! My mind was playing horror games with me and I couldn't do anything about it because the pain was too great. Only today, I am realizing what is happening. Breathing helps to calm down! We need to calm down and relax. Otherwise it gets worse. But the pain is real and if proper medication is not taken, infections may occur and things may get ugly.

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