Aceh's relationship with the Sultanate of Serdang in the past

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The scorched earth action of people's property is a legacy of Dutch colonialism. Because not supporting the Dutch colonial government, the palace of Serdang Sultanate was burned by the Dutch army.

However, now the Serdang Palace is no more. Can be seen on Jalan Lintas Sumatera - Tebing Tinggi Number 42, Perbaungan, Sumatra Utara, or about two hours drive from Medan City. If too far, can also see the Serdang Palace at Kuala Namu Airport. The two palaces were just replicas—of course.

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Now, the replica of Serdang Palace at Kuala Namu International Airport is often the center of visitor attention. According to some sources, the miniature of Serdang Palace is made as beautiful as the original form.

Interesting tracing Serdang Sultanate in the past. Based on, Serdang Sultanate was established in 1723 and joined the Republic of Indonesia in 1946 or a year after Indonesia became independent. Formerly, Serdang Sultanate was under the Deli Sultanate and split in 1720 due to a dispute.

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Mentioned on the Wikipedia page, an Admiral of Sultan Iskandar Muda named Sri Paduka Gocah Pahlawan and titled Admiral Khoja Bintan, married Sunggal's brother king. Admiral Sri Khoja Bintan became the first Sultanate in Deli in 1630.

This history is little known, let alone today. Thus, the traces of Aceh in North Sumatra have actually existed for hundreds of years. Even as the ruler of Deli, not as a commoner.[]

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