New weird track for weird times... //// Gill Bates: the Disease and the Cure

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I invented this fictional character named Gill Bates.

In this fictional story Gill Bates, the richest man in the world, sponsored the creation of a disease through The Gill Bates Foundation. In parallel to this he also developed a vaccine that will be promoted by the government to cure this new and terrible disease. To be safe you need to take the shot, if you don't you put the children and the elderly at risk, that is the propaganda that the media are spouting aggressively. The real agenda is population control and Gill Bates is on record saying that it's his goal many times. The shot actually contains rat DNA, changing humanity forever creating a transhuman species. The ending of this fictional story is open at this time...

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Ha ha ha Gill Bates!!! This is going to be the soundtrack to my day. People thought I was crazy for hoarding collectors edition nickelback toilet paper... but who's laughing now?

You got the gold brother. Nickelback on your ass, I am sure nothing feel better... ( I can't believe I write this as I am writing it) Be safe out there and also stay away from Gill Bates and his nasty rat poison.

Thats a damn weird one indeed! :)

Thanks. That's a compliment right? :P


oh Vache confusing reality with fiction again you rat-human hybrid :) Love it!

What is fiction? what is reality... I wonder.
Only love is truth and I love you brother.

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