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I happened to work with a Non profit governmental organization focused on adult education sometime last year as a volunteer teacher and photographer. It's called SPELLAFRICA INITIATIVE.

It's a movement aimed at making 65million illiterate Nigerian adults literate individuals . I'd be sharing photographs I took while there in subsequent posts.

But today I'll be dropping this as an entry for the #Monomad challenge by @brumest @monochromes.

Feel free to join in the challenge. And also join the Black and White community to publish your posts.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading my post. Until next time. Buzz on Bees.



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Children are the future; indeed they are.


Far too often, uneducated adults (and others for that matter) are treated like roadkill.

Now, if a tolerant individual like me, someone who was born in the United States of America, who began working before turning 9 and played (American) football, recognizes that our almost 'quasi' free-market often unduly and violently tramples upon the older adult population, more minds need to take notice.