Beautiful photos of the houseboats.

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Hello friends.

I hope you are all fine. I'm fine too. In today's post I have shared the photos of Beautiful Dal Lake with you. This photo captures a beautiful houseboat floating in the lake. Srinagar is adorned with the beauty of nature. Surrounded by mountains on all sides, this area is located in a valley. Due to which the beauty of Srinagar in Kashmir cannot be described. Srinagar also has a beautiful lake called dal lake. The photos taken in this post are also captured during a visit to dal lake. Every tourist visiting Srinagar definitely visits this Dal Lake. Don't miss out on boating here. There are two myths about this lake. One of the beliefs is that this is a glacier lake whose boundary has increased over time. Another belief is that a lake was formed here due to the flooding of the Jhelum River. Whatever it is but this lake is captivating.

The minimum depth of Dal Lake is 6 feet which goes up to a maximum of 22 feet. Dal Lake is located in an area of 22 square kilometers. Including small floating gardens. I will share the photos of the garden with you in my next post. The area is known for the lotus flowers that bloom in August. Which is the main attraction of this floating garden. Dal Lake is divided into four parts namely Gagribal, Bod Dal, Nagin and Lokut Dal. On the shores of Dal Lake are gardens and parks built in the Mughal era. The beauty of Kashmir captivated the Mughals. And to enhance their beauty, they built many gardens on the shores of the lake. Beautiful views of the lake can be seen from Shalimar Garden and Nishant Garden. Which happened during the reign of the Mughal emperor Jahangir. Dal Lake is such a beautiful place that many films have been made on this place even by the film industry of India. Boats are an important part of everyday life here. The people here use boats to carry goods and carry out their daily activities. Which sounds like a surprise but it's a fact.

IMG_2611 11.jpg

In this photo, I have captured a beautiful yellow boat. This yellow boat is standing next to another houseboat. People from here use boats for local transportation. Which can be seen in these photos. This photograph is taken from Canon EOS REBEL T3 f/6.3 Focal length 75mm.

IMG_2601 22.jpg

Inside the lake, many houses are lined up. This house has all the arrangements to make life inside the boat. These boats are also available for rent here. Some house boats are also privately owned. This photograph is taken from Canon EOS REBEL T3 f/4.5 Focal length 75mm.

IMG_2604 33.jpg

The small boat passing by the big house boats is the center of attraction in this photo. I hope you like these photos. This photograph is taken from Canon EOS REBEL T3 f/5.6 Focal length 300mm.

IMG_2609 44.jpg

The beautiful mountains in the background describe the beauty of the area. The mountains are covered with snow which has turned white. Which looks beautiful in these photos. The place is adorned with the beauty of nature. This photograph is taken from Canon EOS REBEL T3 f/7.1 Focal length 75mm.

IMG_2607 55.jpg

In this photo I have captured the boat of a florist. It can be seen in these photos that the people here do their daily necessities and do their business on this boat. There are different types of flowers in this boat which the owner of this boat goes to sell. This photograph is taken from Canon EOS REBEL T3 f/5.6 Focal length 75mm.

IMG_2598 66.jpg

This photo is taken by zooming in on distant mountains. The white snow on the mountains enhances the beauty of these mountains. This photograph is taken from Canon EOS REBEL T3 f/8 Focal length 300mm.

IMG_2600 77.jpg

The mountains in the background behind the boat can also be seen in these photos. Which describes the beauty of the area. This photograph is taken from Canon EOS REBEL T3 f/4 Focal length 75mm.

These photographs are taken during the visit dal lake at shrinagar, Jammu And Kashmir State of India . This place is full of nature beauty. It is the heaven on earth with full of nature beauty.

If you like these photographs then please upvote and comment on it so your comment will inspire me to share more good photographs.

Thanks for visit.


Beautifully Captured.......So Natural......Inspire life......Spread Love........✌️ ✌️ 🤓 ✌️ ✌️

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Wasn't fortunate enough to visit this place yet.
But have heard about its beauty from My parents who went there for their Honeymoon.

Enjoyed these picture clicked by you.
I hope to visit someday.

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