Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is an award-winning amusement park on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates ||

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Wellcome Back To Another Travel Blog And See First Ferrari-branded theme park

we start which is located in Yas Island one of the man-made island a lot about the biggest one is in Dubai and going to add you someday in my blog soon and let me tell you about the Ferrari one that the total this face of the Ferrari world is eighty six thousand square meters Wow so big number and this is the motor I want to tell you something that this is this biggest space structure built by ever and it has been done in 2010

The member we can have an idea that how spot weighing is we are very much on it and let me tell you one more thing that since three years Ferrari world they are getting so the biggest award which is like Trevor's best destination since 2015 in 1733 years they are on the top it will be the same and the next blog is going to be in the Ferrari world itself and here we go hey guys here we are in the Ferrari world and this is our photo file you can find out some and he classics and things related I am going to people are just starting because we started at nine o'clock and I eat all times 11:15 although 15 year but not that much

So we are going to go inside and I will show you one very nice thing to start of the trip students here in Titan for the Friday ball and the one one of the very nice start for this button you can find something very interesting here period there's a sound of karate and we are going to go towards the entry site here I can tell you one thing we each have to portion with this a journal admission here you will be standing on a very normal

You need to wait and then we have one more which is a golden pass the golden pass you will be having a v8 eats meat I only got this out restrict of the price the one I told you here is the one that B is the largest one we discussed little I will show you some pictures on the outside also I will tell you I have an annual interest there's much seven-time I came to Ferrari I'm going to have a golden band in sight it will be easier for me to access to the another places there is a sound of Ferrari you can see them I love it now some Ferraris outside you can go you can do it have a nap and all I'm going to see you inside and we are going to tell you about the rights here

I will try my best to get the camera with the rights you know promise what we're doing or can you see you then hey guys now I am inside I will give you a very small about the directions okay here we go this is the one is a tire flip on the back was the 32nd with little play music beaten face here is the particle of

I will try my best to put the camera inside but if I will not other shoe right from the outside for so you are not going to miss anything but yes first I will go to worse C kart racing because I have a whole band and sweet but if I will not reach their all time for so I will not get the slot for today people are start coming and slot is going to be over see you there I will show you how to drive that fun thank you so much

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