First Video on 3Speak: Bennet Improvises his song "Spring Chicken"

in hive-174578 •  3 months ago 

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This is the first video we are posting on 3Speak! The past week we have spent every day here in the Lockdown Studio in central Germany and that has led to some pretty creative days. Each week Bennet has tried to make an improvisation to share with our followers across all social networks.
This was one was called "Spring Chicken" and has a happy vibe! Hopefully it brings a smile to your face today!

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It will be awesome in the streets!

Honestly - it's surreal you wrote this comment. I've literally woke up this morning missing being able to perform in the streets.

Yes, I also can’t play on the street because of quarantine and look forward to the opportunity to return to my work - to play jazz on the streets.


Thank you Stefano

Hey 3Speakers! Thank for watching and listening! If you want to keep in touch with us, pop on over to our Troublemakers Telegram group:

What a fun little tune! I liked watching Bennet build each little piece of the tune and add it in.

Thanks so much for sharing! 💚

Man, it's amazing!
Sounds like you're telling some story.