Big collaboration with legendary drummer Dario Rossi on "Small Town Boy"

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Dario Rossi has been a longtime friend of our group for years, ever since his first trip to Berlin back in 2014. Years ago, we made a collaboration video together on one of our songs called "Adriano", which many people really liked.
We had been writing back and forth about what we could do in the Lockdown in order to share a nice moment together, and we told him about a cover we had been toying with of "Small Town Boy". He loved the idea and thus we put together this little clip.
Enjoy 3Speakers!

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Great cover of one of my all-time favourite tracks! You have a new follower :-)
Not wanting to be pedantic but its Smalltown Boy, not Small Town Boy.

nice catch on the spelling! Completely missed that 🙈

Awesome work guys !!! :)

appreciate you!

Never heard of this guy but I'm sure he's a legend by seeing your excitement and how he does his job. He definitely knows what he's doing! :)

@gabrielatravels - yea dario is a beast! He is probably one of the most famous Bucket drummers in the world, and for good reason!

As always, I enjoy his music very much. They are fantastic!

Thank you very much Marcy :)

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I didn't understand 100% because of my lack of English proficiency. However, I read a good article well.