Bennet improvising on his piece "Isle of Light" in the Lockdown Studio

in OCDlast year

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Today we bring you another improvisation from the Lockdown Studio. This piece has its origins in Brandenburg during a festival called Inselleuchten (Isle of Light).

A special thanks to those of you who watched our Lockdwon Live concert last night. It was an excellent event and we are happy to have had so many in attendance!

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hey! you really made my day with this amazing performance! Bennet, you're brilliant!

@recording-box APPRECIATE YOU! Thank you for saying that and hopefully it wont be the last day of yours I can brighten ;)

Fantastic job! I'm disappointed I missed your quarantine concert yesterday. Will you be posting it on 3speak sometime in the future?

Great idea! We can do that.

Awesome! I can't wait to see it.