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RE: Revisiting a Childhood Park in Troy, Ohio

in OCD2 months ago

The merry-go-round is interesting - I remember these from several playgrounds way back when (70 - 80 or so). Where I lived in Canada they were considered dangerous and taken out. Like, older kids used to spin the little ones until they either got cross-eyed, or else flew off and hurt themselves.
That giraffe belongs in a museum! But yes, similar items are still a playground staple to this day.


I was honestly quite surprised to see the merry-go-round still there. They have removed most of them around the country here as well - at least these hardcore solid steel ones from the 50s-70s. It was a nice nostalgic feeling to see it though.

One thing they did remove was an incredibly dangerous 20 foot high hanging bar jungle gym thing. I wonder how many kids from their bones falling off of those things. The good old days of every kid for himself!