Hello sport lovers out there, what is your best soccer formation?

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Gradually we are getting into June/July where some of the major league in the world will re-open if the deadly corona virus pandemic is out of ground. Players will be able to play together and fans will be able to attend matches so as to
support their team. This will only happen if the global corona virus is out of sight. I just
wished to see my favourite players getting back to pitch. And I will love to see fans coming together applauding their favourite team. These are some of the thing that makes matches interesting

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Today was really fun to me because me and my brother argued a lot when it comes to soccer in particular. He is a Manchester united fan while I am a Liverpool fan. This is my time to reign, I talked about some point which got his heart broken. We went into history and lots of things was said. If we are to reward any team base on merit, then there is no way three team will be called without Manchester united not been called out in England. Forget the rivalry, Manchester united is one of the best team in England. Liverpool fc had also achieved a lot when it comes to trophy winning, they are one of the best team in England too. The only thing hindering Liverpool fc at this very moment is the English league cup which they haven't won since 30 years. This is what my friends always used in defeating me when we are arguing.

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Now going to the topic of discussion, my brother asked me that if I am made the head coach of Liverpool fc club, which formation wilI I deploy. I was really impressed by the question, it is educative. For those who don't know what a formation is, permit me to educate you a little bit.

Meaning of Formation

Formation can be defined as the engine room which drives a team forward. It is a playing style which every team adopts. Without Formation a team will fail to function properly. It is formation that helps to guide players properly. Without it, you will see attackers acting as defenders or midfielders acting same. But with formation, they know how to do their marking properly.

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My best formation

Now after explaining what formation is, my best formation is the pressing 4-3-3 formation. Sometimes I call it fake 4-3-3 formation. This is how it works. With the 4-3-3 formation your midfielders will be able to move upward to support the attackers while left and right wing defenders will pull out from the flank to support the midfielders which moved out initially to support the attackers. It is a very wise formation that needs players that have physical stamina/strength, players that can last for long, players that don't gas out easily. It need lots of pressing game play to get it running. This is the reason I choose the 4-3-3 formation.

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To my pals out there, please tell me your best formation and why you chooses it.

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4-3-3 is actually a good formation, we have seen many time morihno using this during epl

Back then, 4-4-2 seems the best formation but things has really changed, people are now using of different formation which is paying off.

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