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RE: 10 Facts about me - 30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 2

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Yaaay~! It's day two!! ^^ It was fun reading your entry today, too! :) I love the archery pictures! I wanna try it again. ^^ Also, I'm really curious about your accent. :D Do you play football, too?


I used to when I was younger. I don't play now. Just watch lol

Sounds great! ^^ I haven't played the sport, but some of my cousins were into football back in the days. It was fun watching them. :)

I am enjoying the challenge though, it's fun :)

I'm truly delighted to know that. :)

it's really good so many are not only joining the challenge but engaging also which is great. This is what the #hiv needs

For sure. I guess engagement in the community makes it more fun and exciting! :)

it does and you build a nice community also. It's a nice platform with good support

That's true. Let's keep at it and enjoy while doing so. ;)

tomorrow, day in detail. hmmmm

I'm doing day 3 today... haha
Will be posting it later tonight... ☺