I Turned 29 Yesterday! (^_^)/

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Hello there lovely and beautiful people!
I am officially almost out of the calendar. lol

I just turned 29 years old yesterday (March 16), and I feel that I'm still twelve. Well, must be my permanent mental age? Anyway, I feel glad to spend it with my loved ones. Let me share a little story about it.


In the world of social media and the like, it's easy for everyone to know your birthday because they get a notification to be reminded of it.

What I did was disable the notification and see who really remembered my special day. :) So, here's what happened.

My best friends did special things for me. Actually, I didn't plan on anything aside from wanting to take a day off and become lazy on my birthday.


A few days before my birthday, my bestie @akielle asked me what my plans were and that she wanted to have a video call. I originally had a few plans on the 16th, so we decided to do the video call on the 15th. She's in the US now, and I'm glad to talk with her every time, be it with or without special occasions.

As we were having the video call, my guy best friend suddenly came together with his wife and son. I was surprised! WHAT? A day before my actual birthday, I was able to spend time with my two best friends. <3


Let me call my girl best friend (bestie) and guy best friend (best)

While talking with my bestie on the video call, I arranged the bed on my room so my godson can lie down and his mom can rest from taking care of him. Best, on the other hand, was setting up his surprise for me on the dining table. And when we went out, I saw this!

OMG!!! It's a birthday cake with a dozen of Naruto chibi figurines! I feel like a kid at 29! Ahhhh~ my best friends really know me. hahaha

They sang me a birthday song and my parents prepared for lunch.



I had to say goodbye to bestie, though since it was already midnight at her place and proceeded to eating time with best's family and my lovely parents and Arashi. Happy tummy for everyone!

His family stayed with us until the afternoon, but they had to go to wifey's parent's home because it's actually her mother's birthday as well. That night, I spent it watching anime and playing mobile games. This is life! Ohh, we also watched a concert on TV. It was so fun, that we slept at almost 2AM.

On the day of my actual birthday, I woke up to some greetings from my bestie, best, some of my close friends and family members. I am so glad that they greeted me on my special day and that they remembered it.

Aside from them, some of my Japanese friends also greeted me (which was quite unexpected) and ohh, my cute @chamudiliyanage sent me a message on Instagram. I was so happy. I mean, we haven't talked for a while, but she remembered and sent me her greetings. <3 She's such a sweetheart.

What surprised me was that, when I opened the Otome game I am currently playing, I received a special scenario. OMG! Let me show you a screenshot. I'll just put all of them in one photo. :)


Ohh my lovely boys! hahahaha... xD I also received several gifts and VIP card which I could use for the game. The game's called "Mr. LOVE: Dream Date". I enjoy playing otome games, but recently, this is the only otome game I'm playing.

My grandma, uncle and cousin from my father's hometown also called me on the phone. Unfortunately, we can't go to other islands in the Philippines because of the lockdown as prevention for COVID19 spread, so we had to settle for phone calls for now.


Another surprise was these babies! Mama and papa actually bought me these! You guys know how I love drawing and lettering, so these babies made me really happy. My previous ones are almost out of ink, so I'm so glad to receive these from mama and papa.


They placed it inside this "Transformer" pencil case. Funny story was, when papa was buying these stuff in the school supplies, there were only 2 choices for the pencil case. It's this one, Transformer and Barbie. haha

Papa knows that I dislike Barbie, so he chose to give me the other one. I was laughing when he told me the story but then told him he made the right choice. lol

I spent the whole day at home doing nothing, and that for me was an awesome gift. I just hope for everything to settle down, especially the coronavirus that's affecting everyone in the world. Let's all hope for the best.


Despite everything, I feel blessed and thankful for these people who made my special day extra special. I really love you all!

Thank you so much for checking this post out. Until the next one! See you! (^^,)/


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Happy Birthday sis!!!
What a lovely family and friends you have!
I think your dad made the right choice about the pencil case!
I would choose transformer as well! XD

Thank you sis!
I'm really glad and lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful people. :)
Hahaha... right? Though others may think otherwise. lol