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How do you describe yourself?

It is a simple enough question. I wonder how easy it is to answer and what adjectives might be used, or are they nouns? Some people will associate themselves with their sex, color, religion, nationality or political views - while another might talk of their nature and personality. Are these things important to identify you, are they what make us an individual, or perhaps they are tags that we are constantly removing and adding as the circumstances dictate.

I have always found it interesting how people will be proud of something they have no control over, like their skin color - unless they use it as an adjective, meaning that they exhibit some set of common behaviors with a group - but that implies that all member of the group exhibit the same set of behaviors - which is probably not the case. We don't like being stereotyped, yet we stereotype ourselves every time we associate with a particular group based on what we consider common traits.

But, I guess we all identify ourselves with something and online we are able to identify without having to commit to it long term - we can pick and choose our identity on a daily basis where one day we support a movement against something, the next we are behaving in a contradictory manner, but because no one is really paying attention to us or we to ourselves, we don't feel the conflict.

I think that most of us will change which labels we tag ourselves with depending on the surroundings and pretty much everyone will associate themselves in what they see as positives for one reason or another.

I am ruthless, I am stubborn, I am aggressive and I always win.

Might not be great on a Tinder profile - so they just write "Lawyer", which probably does much better. In the interview for a job at a law firm however, perhaps that kind of what would in other cases be considered negative phrasing, would be suitable and expected. At least on TV.

Let's start dating.

Task 1

What I thought would be interesting for a bit of discussion and promotion, is if we wrote our own "Hive-self" profile, kind of like a dating profile that is aimed to attract an audience to have a look at what you have to offer. I think 100 words or less is a good size and you can have a bit of fun if you want to. I will start following the best of them and see where it leads.

For Example:

Hey, I'm @tarazkp and while a huge blockchain and crypto advocate, I spend most of my time in the behavioral aspects of the technology - especially around the concepts of investment, ownership and the Hive community - through this, I hope to add value and improve people's experience on and off the chain. You will find content from me daily, but make sure you're in a comfy chair with coffee in hand, as I do tend to write with a little length and if you take the time to comment, I will do my very best to reply. Thanks for stopping by!

That is exactly 100 words.

Task 2

For task two, in reply to your own comment, I ask you to write the same kind of 100-word profile blurb for an account you admire and be sure to tag them in the text. It will be this comment that will get an upvote and a few ENGAGE tokens along with it.

Task 3

Task three is easy, engage with those who make an attempt and check out the content of those you find interesting in some way. It doesn't matter if they are new or old, big or small - Engage. Leave a comment, have a laugh, get to know one another.

Who knows, perhaps you will attract and pick up some great new authors, perhaps you will get some great new followers. It is hard to know exactly what will come of it, but you have to participate and discover, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

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Breaking the ice 😁
TASK 1: This is me, @sulayr. I consider myself curious and this is a double-edged sword: it is very enriching to try and experiment, but this takes time away from delving into something so... it is an internal struggle: exploration versus exploitation. I guess the balance is the key, so I am working on it. More balance: physical exercise and being a lazy ass in front of the laptop. Salad and chocolate. Bach and Trap. Comforting massages and spanks 🤣. Thanks for reading!

(Calling the great new followers 😇)

This is brilliant!

Comforting massages and spanks

This is where I am hooked ;D

You seem very much a "renaissance woman" skilled in many things. Hopefully in the futrure there will be many more people exploring the world and their only problem is finding the time to do all the things they love or could love :)

I think it's so cool, that you decided to come out of the closet and post a picture of yourself wearing your favourite dress. Nice wig too, btw.

I think it's so cool, that you decided to come out of the closet and post a picture of yourself wearing your favourite dress. Nice wig too, btw.


Oh look at how tough you are. Typical blowhard losers sticking up for a whale to get some upvotes🤣. Desperate people crack me up.


Blah blah blah. You wouldn't be so tough if it was someone else. You need those BIG BIG votes. SO what, you came back to this post desperately for more votes, but instead decided to act all tough and stick up for a whale.🤣 That's literally the easiest thing to do....and most pathetic try hard act as well.

Why don't you go and stick up for a red fish account and give them help, instead of repeating everything that has destroyed this place up to now. Keep repeating the desperation and circle of BS🤣

Stop this, little fish 🙃

Perhaps when you come out of the closet, you will lose some of your aggression. Repressed homosexual tendencies? I feel sorry for people who have to hide themselves away -it must be stressful. As said, I think you should seek some help with your issues.

That's all you can muster with your reputation of being a 'writer'🤣🤣🤣. You can't write for shit, and It's quite obvious that it's all based on nothing but spin doctoring BS and scamming your way to the upper echelon of blockchain wankers. How many alts do you circle-jerk yourself with? How many alts does suggar daddy circle-jerk you with? Does he also wear a dress when he's in the act of circle-jerking you?🤣🤣🤣

Dude, just stop with the denial. You've been on this denial trip ever since it was first exposed. Look at how you and your boyfriend follow each other around all over the blockchain. He even follows your comment section and flags opinion on your behalf! WTF, who keeps close tabs on another persons comments section IN REAL TIME. Now that, is what you call true love.

Poor little cry babies can't handle an opinion that exposes their BS, and exploitation of red fish to enrich themselves - not to mention all the circle-jerk curation group scams that you are all involved in - so many of them, and it all flows back to your circle-jerk. you pathetic fuckers even have the nerve to write beg posts and ask for large sums of money, for doing nothing but shit talk and write tweets. So much talent right there!

So you go right ahead and spin everything into whatever you like, but facts are facts. You two lover boys, like to wear dresses and have discord sessions full of dirty spanky talk, which directly relates to that picture of yourself above. I'm just so happy for you that you decided to finally find the courage to post it on you blog page. Certainly very courageous and I'm sure it will get you many more thousands of followers, to feed your incessant narcissism. It will probably peak the interest of similar minded individuals who may even find the same courage, to ping you on discord for some extra action between shitposts...woot woot!

There's a lot more to it than just that obviously, but it's way too long to fit into you profile, so let's leave it there for now. Maybe when the profile page gets to the point of being limitless in character length. we can then even begin to list it all in there. Hmmm, maybe you need to upload it to a cloud, showcasing your entire range of limitless evening wear fetishes.

I've got some advice for you fuckface with retard sunglasses. You have no chance in a dual of words with me. None whatsoever. I will continue to rip you new butt-holes every time you try. BUTT I guess you like the new butt-holes you get ripped. Helps you with your addiction to evening wear fetishes🤣🤣🤣.

The amount of time you seem to want to spend on this and your phrasing is indicative of your fragile mental state, deep-seeded issues with your own sexuality and inferiority complex. Get help.

The amount of time you seem to spend using other peoples creativity and arguments, as arguments against their creativity, shows that you are a retard that can't think for himself. Go back to to your scams and scammer friends....And your nepotism that covers for your multi-accounting circle-jerking scams with other people's money and creativity

Too bad you are too stupid that you have no clue what's going on here. I am the sanest and only logical person in this debate, but since you made a specific and disgraceful comments and decisions recently as a way to show your prowess and authoritarianism over a 'lower class' of user on this platform, I'm going to make you go insane and get help.You piece of double dipped shit.

People think they can push others around and bully them with their megavote circle-jerk powers around here, without any type of consequences. You may have influence because of you circle-jerk vote power, but your nothing but a fraud.

As I already said, quit now since you have zero chance of making any impact whatsoever with the baseless words spewing from your retard brain. Also, get a new pair of sunglasses....those have cum stains all over them after your discord escapades.

You are the most boring, regurgitating moron on this blockchain. Even more boring than your boyfriend....and that's saying something, right there.

Congratulations, and I hope you live happily ever after🤣🤣🤣💩💩💩


I like to try... but I wouldn't say I get the skills :D

more people exploring the world and their only problem is finding the time to do all the things they love or could love :)

That would be a dream ❤️

Looks like you're the quintessential human dichotomy. Salad and chocolate, exercise activity and laziness, relaxing massages and spanks.

Seems like a nice balance to have.


Thank you! It sounds like a compliment!
All extremes are interesting :)
What about your description? 😃

It was a compliment.

Hmm, my own? Well, my brother @tarazkp knows me pretty well but maybe I'll throw one in the mix tomorrow just for fun. 😉

It's 11pm Wednesday here...Far too late to be trying to describe myself...I might do a bad job...Hmm, I'll probably do a bad job anyway! 😂

All for fun and fun for all!
I'm looking forward to reading it 🙃 Rest well!

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I can relate to some of that, but I like salad and homemade apple pie, some times popcorn and homemade apple pie, like last night. A great combo.

haha apple pie addict! mmm I used to make a kind of apple dessert in between cake and pie. Maybe I try it again these days. Already drooling!

It is a nice tasting pie, simple, basic, and easy to make, and taste so good.


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Bachpack and trap? :)

Well, I can support the above testomoney, but maybe I shouldn't write any more than that (and just upload a recent photo? :O )!

Bachpack 🤣 yeeees:

"Toda la noche rompemo' (of the night)
Al otro día volvemo' (oh, yeah)
Tú sabes cómo lo hacemo', baby" 🎤

and just upload a recent photo?

You should share it! Perfect red silhouette 🤣

Thanks for the Spanish lessons :D

Hive is not ready for that photo!

You will hear it tomorrow, probably 💪

You are right 😇

Ahh, it's the lyrics on one of the 'backpack' records, I didn't notice 😛

This time, for once!

Popular saying says curiosity kills the cat. True that it's a double edged sword. Means you're also very knowledgeable.
You sound interesting and I'll check out your blog and follow. Cheers

It's a relief that cats have seven lives :D (or six... or nine... depending on the culture, apparently).
Me too! Following!

I can totally relate with you. It seems just like me. There was this one time churches smelt interpretation and Engage. And even though evergreen Gamer pikes hearts out, the integration into society of Sims are just tokens. But Leo said trees Stem out.

I'm glad to know that I'm not an isolated case <:) . Churches always smelled a little weird to me :(
By the way, very interesting medicine posts!

Oh... cool :)
And thank you.

I was born on a day of no consequence. No war, no beginning or ending of war. No natural disasters, no earthquakes, no storms, no big waves. No swarms of locust, no large dust clouds, no floods, just another day.

It was as if People, Earth and even the Universe were waiting. Everyone on edge, listening for that hopeful sound. Waiting on the first breath so that they might remember to breath.

No wailing scream was heard. I entered the world almost soundlessly, a simple sigh of a first breath, then comfortable silence. Content to let the world be.

Task 2

Times were hard, life was a struggle, and yet she pushed onward and forward. Ever moving forward, helping those who needed it, even if they did not see they needed help. Fun, life around her seemed to be fun for those that were fortunate enough to know her in person.

Not just a woman, but a real Lady, one of those you only read about in historical biographies. I have never met her in person. The worries of the people, and indeed the world seem distant when she is in a room, real or online.

The person in question @mammasitta

I have never met her either but I hope to one day. Perhaps I can get a work trip into Vienna and say hi :)

it would be wonderful to meet all of you one day

One day we shall :)

She does seem to like to host and have fun.

times are still difficult for me but I am hanging in there .....trying to absorb the Positiv of all

Sometimes I find the bright side a bit daunting, but it is better than looking at the other end of the spectrum.

Meee tooo! Not easy to see the light in all the darkness we all face these days.

I've not met her, either. But I'm going to at least give her a look!

She is quite the lady, a very nice person.

thank you for your interest :)

Wow! I am speechless ........

It seems nothing momentous occured that day...Except your arrival; It must have been enough. 🙂

Content is a condition many do not feel these days so I always like to hear that people feel it...Far too many seeking outwardly and never feeling content when it lies within and isn't difficult to find if one looks a little more closely.


I agree there does not seem to be very many content people, it is like that is a bad word in today's society. "Yes he seems content, but is his being content a quality content? he could be faking how content he really is, and his apparent content, could actually be of a low quality type due to various internal self reasoning".

I like the word content. More people should try being content, it really is not a bad thing.

!ENGAGE 50 back at ya, cause I like being content, and seeing all kinds of content.

Lol...We're a couple content dudes by the sounds of it.

I agree with you that in society now it seems that to be content is seen as a weakness, unambitious maybe. I disagree. I have great drive and vision, great motivation...And yet I'm content in many areas as that contentment brings happiness and fulfilment. I may not be explaining myself well though.

An example comes to mind of the discontent people have with the old model iPhone...They seek the new one thinking they will be happy and content...And they are for a little while...Until the new model comes out a few months later...Then that contentment turns into disappointment that they have an old model. Typical consumerism. It's similar in many other areas.

Conversely, find contentment and all of a sudden things seem brighter and more easily dealt with. I'm pleased to be in the latter group, the content group, in most aspects of life...And I'm not one to place my feeling of self-value on material things...That helps a lot.

Thanks for the ENGAGE. :)

I think only content people would understand. Right now I am feeling pretty content, I had a nice day, got the oil changed finally, had a nice dinner out, and now I just finished a nice big piece of next day, cold homemade simple apple pie. No cheese, no butter tabs, just flour, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, good old fashioned lard, and some cold water. It is work to make it, but man oh man is it worth it after it is done. Hot apple pie on the baking day, and then the next day cold piece, My stomach is pretty dang content about now. It is a good thing I only make them every now and then.

Now I'm discontent because I'm not mungin' on my own homemade apple-pie! I blame you for my discontent. Lol.

Anyway, gotta go...Meeting with the Director in five minutes to deliver my end of financial year presentation...I may be smiling later...But maybe they'll dick me...And I'll really need some cake to make me feel better then! Lol.

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Task 2 and 3 coming later. I didn't feel like a full this is me thing, so a story thought but that kind of sums me up a bit, just thoughts passing along

That is great! :)

It was fun to do, I need to practice writing, so i thought why the same ole same ole. I tried to do the same for part 2. I think I might have gotten a few things right about her.

Soundlessly, but was it painlessly? :)

Well, I am sure it wasn't for everyone involved, but for me, since I have a memory like steel trap lined in wax paper, I would say, yes, it was all smooth sailing,

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What a good write up. I am pretty darn sure I entered the world kicking and screaming. I darn sure did plenty of both that I can remember :)

The end is the same though isn't it? I too am content...possibly even fat and happy.

I think most of us reach contentment at some point in our lives. I do feel sorry for those that approach older age who are not content, but it is never to late to learn.

This was actually pretty great to read. May that serene silence engulf all of us.

Thank you, who knows, maybe one day i will sit and actually try to write out a full story, for now, I do like the little bits and pieces that come every now and then.

Hi, I’m @m31. Most people call me M. I often describe myself by borrowing the book title from Robert A. Heinlein Stranger in a Strange Land which is about a martian who learns about the human ways, but never really is one as I share that sentiment. Explorer, observer, misunderstood a lot, misunderstanding a lot, silly alien struggling with emotions navigating through this life thing, deeply connected with nature all around and sharing glimpses of it, fascinated and disgusted by human nature all at the same time, raw feed of thoughts, creative storm chasing perfection and failing miserably at it.

Hey M.

fascinated and disgusted by human nature all at the same time

This is a powerful line!

creative storm chasing perfection and failing miserably at it.

It is the journey that matters, not the result. It seems a cliche, but the enjoyment of creation is in the process - once it is created, there is a small reflection and then thoughts turn to the next advancement. That process of creation is where satisfaction lays.

I am looking forward to seeing more from you M, as always :*


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Hello everyone. I'm @santigs a blockchain enthusiast. I was fascinated by the implications the technology brings to our society and decided to study it and work on new business models. I joined Hive three years ago but did not engage too much as I am more a number than words guy, writing is definitely not my strength. I love exploring every new project that launches in this industry and currently consulting and working in some new ventures. As the fork took place I decided to get more involved in Hive and engage some more with the community. I also love mountain biking, those who follow me may have noticed my posts and have launched BeYourself community helping onboard new users.

Although not a words guy, what I like is when numbers people try to present their world to "normal people" :) I am not a numbers person, so it helps me a lot.

Have you been mountain biking more with Covid lockdown?

Can you add a link to the BeYourself community, please?

When COVID appeared we had a strong lockdown here in Spain. Sport was only allowed a couple of hours in the morning and the afternoon within the city limits but it was good to be able to get out of the house. Finally, after 3 months rules got released and we were allowed to go to the mountain again.
Here's BeYourself Hive Community Page and here's the corresponding webpage

The lockdowns have been quite nonsensical and erratic in their rules at times - weird world.

THanks for the links. I have started following the community.

Thank you!


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Hello, @notacinephile here and I’m a part-time cynic, part-time altruist and a full-time art lover. The collective knowledge and ideas of humanity (namely films, books, music, natural science, philosophy etc.) attract me the most. I believe I’m a liberal at heart, albeit I’ve been called an elitist, snobbish and rude many times. Working on that issue, even though I care not about my public image, I care about that sound sleep at night.
I mostly write book and film reviews that I believe people will find worth their time. Also tips and tricks on technology that everyone uses regularly in layman’s term to make life easier.

Task 2:

I’ve been on hive for about 10 days and found a few people who are really welcoming and supportive. Tagging @kaelci here. She’s an author online and offline, has a couple of fantasy books and more coming in future. She’s uncompromising in her writing style yet writes engagingly. Has a killer bio on amazon. Doesn’t sound like replying for the sake of it. She’s not condescending at all, which a lot of people usually are when dealing with the newcomers.
I’ve recently found out she has a great taste in music as well.

It is good to find accounts you can relate to and aspire to. One of the awesome things I find on Hive is big or small, there is a high possibility of engaging with authors here. With a massive growth in userbase this might change, but I enjoy it now.

Cheers and I have never checked her out before, so based on your profile, I will throw a follow her way too!

That's reassuring to know.

I've already found a few bloggers who aren't traditional 'authors' but have a knack for writing.

I have seen some of your blogs, you have a way with words as well.

I got you both added to a couple of my list. I want to thank you for the participation in this post. I have not been very active in reading lately, that is a winter activity for me more so than in summer, but I am gathering Author blogs for the future.


Thank you as well. :)

You seem to be into travelling a lot. Beautiful photos as well. I'll be following your profile. I don't travel much but its always a delight to see other people doing it.

I pretty much only arm chair travel, not enough funds, not enough health, but I can still see the world through the eyes and camera lenses of others. I do like where I live, and can find things to take pictures of, still learning a lot about photography, but sharing the photos is fun.

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About 10 days? Welcome!

I've not heard of her, but I'll take a look at her, too.

There is a pretty big music scene here on Hive. A lot of challenges and posts about music and a large contingent of musicians that have lots of music floating around.


It's also my first blockchain community (actually, I was pretty much an ignorant about blockchain before I found hive).

There's a steep learning curve I understand but the social aspects of it aren't all that different from traditional ones or even real life.

I've some posts on music, will look forward to seeing more.

I certainly like the topics, I'll take a look and see what's what. I'm glad to see you take this challenge.

I believe I’m a liberal at heart, albeit I’ve been called an elitist, snobbish and rude many times. Working on that issue, even though I care not about my public image, I care about that sound sleep at night.

Sometimes people take offence, some times people don't reflect on how they approach people. :)

Thanks and nice to meet you. I will throw you a follow and see what comes of it :)

I'm willing to shoulder some of the blame too. ;) Can't really 'fix' people, I can only try to better myself.

Nice to meet you too. I hope our paths will cross again.


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Task 1: 101 Words. Sue me for running over.

Hi. I’m Tom. I’m 69 years old. I like Yanni and long moonlight walks along the beach.
Bullshit. I like kick ass Rock and Roll and long motorcycle rides.
I am curious about lots of people, places and things. I often write about my travels, sometimes about my personal life and life lessons and once in a while about environmental issues.
I’m a shameless cheerleader for Hive and what we have going here. I love the ability to engage other curious people at will. I honestly believe that Hive can be the answer with just a bit of input from us.

Task 2. Less than 100 words :)

Do opposites attract? Certainly at the level of magnetism and often in humans. @soyrosa is young, female, attractive, witty, well educated and open. All things I tend not to be. But there is no doubt she has helped me and influenced me at every twist and turn along the way. She knows everybody and everything, and is always willing to share her knowledge. She’s a tried and true friend that I’ve never met. I would wish that everyone on Hive could find their Soyrosa. It would solve a lot for us all.

I think you nailed the essence of her very well, she is a great person. I loved her view from dirty train window photo series,

@Soyrosa is a wonderful human and I have had the pleasure to spend time with her in person a couple of times now :)

I wish everyone could be a little more Soyrosa!

Yanni! That is a name I haven't heard for awhile!! :D

I honestly believe that Hive can be the answer with just a bit of input from us.

I think that we are slowly getting our ducks in a row from a community level (in some corners) toward this end. A post and comment at a time, a development here or there and a little bit of a better attitude from us all.

Looking forward to Task 2

Ahahahahaha. The original had 'from us all.' As the last three words. I trimmed 'all' to get within one of the target! Task 2 to arrive shortly. Or longly :)

Not easy the word limit task, but it was fun. I started with 158 words, I had a lot of paring down to do, but it was fun.


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Hi, I'm @cranium and I'm a gamer. I am a very gambling person. The slightest reason is enough for me to start doing something. As quickly as I start to act, as quickly and stop. It's hard to think of something that I would not try to do on the blockchain. Perhaps I have not yet found something of my own that would be really important to me, or I’m just afraid to face the truth. Although recognizing that I am a gambling addict is a huge step forward, now it remains to decide what to do next...

I want to introduce you to a wonderful user of HIVE - @cryptospa. This guy, based on his many years of experience trading in the asset markets, creates daily videos about the technical analysis of the situation in these markets. @Cryptospa records its videos in 2 languages at once - English and Russian. Thanks to his video, I have significantly improved my knowledge of many cryptocurrencies and began to understand the basics of technical analysis. I am very glad that HIVE has this user in who has something to learn.


I haven't seen @cryptospa so will check them out, thanks!!

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I'm thinking you'll find something. There's a pretty fine line between obsession and addiction. Obsession is often seen as good behavior and addiction isn't.

I'm glad you filled out your 'profile'. Thank you for it.

Thanks for your attention.

It's hard to think of something that I would not try to do on the blockchain.

Dporn? ;D

So a gambling addict? That is a big thing to note and I am not sure how addicted you are, but for those I know who are addicts, it can be a very rough life.

Dporn? ;D

Just watched!!! ;D

gambling addict?

  • yes!, I'll come up with something with this

Task 1 :

Hello HIVE. This is @simplifylife, a young Doctor, aspiring to be an Internal Medicine Specialist! But I haven't restricted myself to just writing science! I love to explore new possibilities. So on my blog you'll find a doctor whose range spans from playing monster games online to exploring the world of finances and cryptocurrency, to philosophical semi-fiction! I can assure you, at times I'll take you on a magical ride down to your deepest memories. And at times I'll give you a hard smack of logical reality. I'll be waiting for you with Buckbeak!

Task 2

I'm a rebel at heart and I'm usually up to no good! but if you're up to no good, I can be your worst nightmare. Before I crush you down with my criminology major, I will inject you with a heavy dose of sarcasm. I'll also drop deep philosophical bombs from books only real enthusiasts understand, so that you have something to ponder upon as you sit idly behind the bars.

I'm @zayedsakib.

Thanks for this and I will throw a follow this way too! :)

Definitely do, such a fun guy! 😀


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Im so humbled bro..:).. Holy hell.. :). Im proud to call you my brother.. We both have big dreams btw.. And we wll be there, one day :)

What is Internal Medicine?

You get a follow for sure. Do you write in STEMsocial?

Internal Medicine is the branch of medicine dealing with all the major branches like cardiology, respiratory medicine, rheumatology etc. This is the stepping stone for further specialization in any of the branches of medicine.

About stemsocial, yes I used to. I was a mentor there too. But I have been quite busy recently with our community development. So had to take a little break from there. I will start posting for STEMSocial from next month, but I won't be able to take up the mentor role again due to time constraints.

Ah okay, thanks for clarifying.

Will keep an eye out for your posts in there also :)

Thanks a bunch! ☺

Task 1:

Hi @tarazkp.
I am @gamsam and I am kind of a "jack of most trades"
Well I'm a doctor in training but my first love has always been tech. I'd definitely love to spend my life trying to make the two intertwine as much as possible.
I am also a web developer, programmer, amateur photographer, graphics designer and a couple of other.

My most recent endeavour has been delving into blockchain technology and development and I even started a series here on hive to teach people about how the blockchain works.

My happy place is in front of my PC of course... Lol