Twitter Adds Bitcoin Emoji - Bull Run Coming!

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If you are an active steemit users, there is a very high probability that you are an active Twitter user as well. Credit must be given where it is due, thanks to @ocdb for engaging users on steemit and Twitter and rewarding them for their activities. However this post is not about steemit and the people who are promoting good content on steemit, it is about Twitter and and the recent news regarding addition of Bitcoin emoji on Twitter.


You must have noticed people using Bitcoin hastag and emoji from the past few hours. The crypto community is going wild on Twitter at the moment. The likes of Justin Sun, Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao and the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey himself shared the Bitcoin emoji on Twitter.

Normally, Twitter charges $1 million for getting an emoji listed on Twitter but they did it for free for Bitcoin probably because Bitcoin has no parent company. It can also be because of the fact that Bitcoin is gaining adoption among the masses and Twitter simply wanted to be the first among centralized sicail medias to have an emoji of Bitcoin.

How Will it Help Bitcoin!

As we know there is complete lack of awareness about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general among the people. There percentage of population that know about cryptocurrency is still very low. It is estimated that less than 5% of the people own some Bitcoin. This data is of early 2018 and as the market crashed, more people took an exit. Just imagine if more people know about Bitcoin, there will be more investments which will lead to mass adoption of Bitcoin.

Many people believe that with the introduction of Bitcoin emoji, there is strong possibility that a bull run will be triggered. I am not very sure about it but there will be a positive impact for sure. More people would like to get in on cryptocurrency and that will definitely trigger some price movement upwards.

What is in it For Steem

If it does succeed in bringing more people into cryptocurrency space, there will surely be a positive impact for steem which may however, be bad for Twitter. I am not saying that people will stop using twitter and come over to steemit. Steemit has a long long way to reach even one tenth number of users Twitter has but if more people find about steemit, many of them will probably come to steemit. Moreover if the bull market is triggered, all of us know that alts pump harder than Bitcoin so there might be a big pump soon if everything goes right.

Oh and in case you want to check the emoji of Bitcoin yourself, just type #Bitcoin, the emoji will appear right next to it. Here is an example:

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