The Shape of Life Under Coronavirus



It seems that social life needs a 'crisis' every now and then, in other words to test its strength. Crises are the moment of truth, a moment of intense awakening mixed with a shocking moment resembling delirium or to convey the full unconscious! You are demanded the full mind, and you are in shock.

We live in complex problems, we have to manage ways to confront them, this is not a war, no one attacks us with weapons, no hidden enemy, no known enemy doing their best to disrupt our lives or destroy our societies, we must work better together, and we may see this as a 'manifestation of equality'. It is something that we all face as a society, not with weapons, but with joint efforts. Unlike war, we can meet these challenges with the best means at our disposal in peace. The main principle is: We can't control what happens to you, but we can always control how you respond to it, and we don't know when this will end, but it will end.

Dealing with this virus will lead to changes in social behaviour, we will notice the emergence of new patterns that we have not experienced in relationships, and we will notice the disappearance of things and behaviours we have always been accustomed to. Although the handshake has existed for thousands of years, it did not actually become a virtual greeting until we experienced the ritual of the virus, and the handshake will be replaced by something similar that does not require any contact, which means that the intimacy resulting from physical contact gradually fades.

On the other hand, on the educational side, for example, instead of going to school, students attend virtual classes. Instead of playing sports in real life, everyone exercises based on the instructions of the virtual world, the world will return to the virtual platform to share feelings, physical and emotional needs, and social media sites will see a rush to bring life by default, from which we have only an electronic device and a handful of fleeting interactions.

The virtual world may end up becoming the best way to interact, especially with the perfect versions of ourselves as gods. To eliminate the threat of CORONAvirus, we will need to radically change almost everything we do: how do we work, how we market, how we teach our children, and how are family members cared for?

Our relationship with others, whoever they are, is a potential threat. This threat is invisible, or unknown, lurking everywhere, in every corner, everywhere, life as we are accustomed to no longer exists. Suspended indefinitely. We entered into a state of oblivion mixed with loneliness and fear. An alert state overcomes the person, when he or she is unable to control the extent, nature or even understanding of the threat. We must invent a new daily life. With new details, interests and rituals, those who will suffer the most, as always, are those who have less dynamism and flexibility.

We all want things to return to normal quickly, but what most of us probably didn't realize was that things wouldn't be back to normal in a few weeks, or even a few months. Some things and attitudes will never do so, even after the hive ordeal is over.


Best regards, ✍
M'ssieu Abdo