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RE: How has Steem impacted my life.. let's take a walk down memory lane

in OCDlast year

Inspiring post, thank you darling. Yes, writing is therapy. Yes, Steemit platform bring people together. I made a lot of connections too. I met you through qurator community and I am so glad I did. BTW, I see many of my steemian people using ‘hive’ tag, what is that?


Thank you! And absolutely, it really brings people together. It's nice to read you feel the same way!
The hive tag is the tag you see whenever you post via the ocd community.

This is the link:

If you post in this community, you will have a higher chance of an upvote from them. It's in the steem beta version. Just log in via the same way as normally on steem or the other frontends.

Have a great Sunday! If you have questions let me know, maybe I can help.