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Since the announcements of the "Lock Down" (due to the Corona Virus), Layoffs are spiraling out of control in America right now.

I've just did a quick google trends search for the word "Unemployment" and my state of Nevada (Las Vegas at 100!) is ranked #1 and its only been like 10 days since the lock down. 📆

Studies suggest that many jobs will not come back for a very long time regardless if the pandemic tapers down or not.

Across America, reports are coming in fast stating that about 5-6 million people will at least visit unemployment line in for the month of March.

Can you say, WTF!! All this happened in just a few weeks. WOW! 😲

In the next few hours, the jobs reports will come out and in my opinion, it's going to look very bad. 🤷‍♂️

I believe we are just in the beginning stages of this "crises" and things will get much... much... worse.

This may affect the price of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in 2020 for the worse.

As more people are becoming unemployed, they will not look into crypto's or stocks for investments as many will need all the money that they can get... just to survive the crisis.

Can Bitcoin go to $1000?? I'm not going to say anything. 😐

I hope I'm wrong but the numbers just don't lie.

It's going to be a very ruff 2020 for many of us and we may all be in beginning of a very long recession for a few years. 🙇

The only thing to do is to be positive and get to work... In times of crisis, people need to start hustlin' harder than ever before by learning new abilities and skill sets to dominate when the recession is over.

This post isn't here to scare you but just to prepare yourself for the worse and hope for the best. Lets GO! 🙋‍♂️

Keep on STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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It's already begun here in South East Asia where a large contributor is the tourism sectors... When there is no tourist.. Hotels are doing zero to single digits occupancy, flights are empty, tour guides are just sitting at home and also restaurants, bars, entertainment outlets are all empty or forced to close.

Its really bad all around the world man.. Looking forward for better times ahead

It’s crazy man! Las Vegas is built on tourism with the casinos... and they are all shut down. I think it can last months 😕

Hi there

I've been reading through many comments related to new hive chain and I've seen your comment too. Many users are being torn, however majority seem to be moving to new hive.

Are you fully moving there or will you stay on both chains? Just curious. I'm trying to figure out what to do myself.

This is not your only country story but also the whole universe, but first be safe stay alive and confirm your contribution to fight against corona.

Same here in Pakistan, we are locked down. The complete country is locked down and the Government is thinking to implement karfio.

I heard about 2 billion people are "locked down" in the world... crazy times.

Yes :(

Crazy ! Let's hope it fades fast but unfortunately this is going to last for months...

It's going to last a long time... I would oof never thought in my life that half the world would somewhat shut down. Insanity.

I called it end of January and shorted stocks markets. I can't believe our governments ine US and Europe had 2 full months alsmost and did NOTHING ! And now dozens of thousands of people are going to die...