Being drunk with the sun - Sun Thursday Contest

in OCD8 months ago (edited)



I wanted to share some photos that warmed me. Maybe it doesn’t have nice view. But I really like to watch the sunset with wine. Watching the sunset, I forget everything for a while.

I went out with my friends after a long break. I took this photo in an Italian restaurant in the mall.


This article is an entry to the #sunthursday contest by @uwelang. You can check the contest here.


I hope you like my photo and support me.



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A few great photos here. Looks relaxing.

I glad you like it :) Yes, really relaxing. I love the sunset and the wine duo. I forget all my tiredness. I am grateful for your comment, thank you :)

It's a good combination for sure; A nice way to let the stress of the day melt away and find a central point within. 🙂


Thank you very much :)

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beautiful picture

Thank you for your comment :)

Nice photo mixed with happy times 🌞

ah yes :) thank you dear :)

You are most welcome 😊

Nice shot!

Thank you @jozef230 !