Promote Steemit and win Basic Attention Token (BAT) Bounty0x Project Hydro and DAI Stablecoin

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Earn various cryptocurrencies with your posts on Steemit and Publish0x


All of us steemians want steemit to grow and for that reason, many initiatives have been generated outside the platform and today I present you one of them that will make you win steem token BAT, Bounty0x Project Hydro and DAI Stablecoin.

As you read it, if you're interested, follow these steps.

Create your blog in publish0x and copy your steemit post.

Step 1:

Make a post of the topic you are used to in steemit publish it and copy it, then you must go to the blockchain publish0x if you don't know it and you don't have an account in this platform here I leave you my referral link so you can create your account, if you follow me with the same Nick @soyunasantacruz you will find among my publications a post that explains step by step how to make a publication in publish0x.

My account image

Paste your steemit post in publish0x and organize your new post.

Step 2:

Once you are in publish0x you have the opportunity to create 3 blogs for different topics, after you have created your blogs you will create a new post, wait for the editor to open and paste the post you had published in steemit.

Just like that, there is no need to put Markdown codes, both images and text will be pasted in an orderly way.

Picture of my payments.

Step 3:

After pasting the post, you must place the link of the origin of the images, videos and above all and very important of the place where the source information comes from, ie Steemit.

And ready with those three steps you can generate Steem with your steemit post, Tokens B.A.T, Bounty0x Project Hydro y DAI Stablecoin with the publication in publish0x. Something important that reviewing publish0x allows you to win tips or donations for valuing other authors, is the same as curing other people's content.

Image of the blockchain

Make the most of Steemit and make him known. I hope you liked my prosperity publication, share it with others so they can benefit too, give it a try.

Thanks for visiting my blog. If you like the posts on travel, prosperity photography and spirituality, feel free to follow me as these are the topics I write about the most.

I wish your thoughts of prosperity to multiply.
and come true, remember that everything is possible.

The images that are published are from my Publish0x account to show you the processes from my experience.

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Publishing on Publish0x is a great way to help promote STEEM to other crypto minded people! I do have a few blogs there, but I tent to use it more for cross-promotion!

Congratulations @soyunasantacruz!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!

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I'm doing the opposite, I'm posting over on Publish0x first and then I will eventually bring them over here. I worry that Publish0x will remove them if they think I have just copy/pasted posts from other places, even if those other places are in fact my own work. Have you had any issues with that?

Hello @driptorchpress, I think that steemit is more rigorous in checking the sources and originality while Publish0x accepts that information is always and when you put the source link, which includes all kinds of material.

Like Videos, photos, text, audios, if it's true that the rules say not to place spun or copied material but they emphasize that it's not yours if you won't go back and read the rules and anything you communicate with me in the Discord, I'm at your service over there.

Thank you for commenting.

So Publish0x just assumes when you click those boxes you are being honest about the material being yours? Hmmmm...

I wouldn't know what to tell you, the only thing is that it's a newer platform than steemit and it's less stringent on sanctions.

Enhorabuena, su "post" ha sido "up-voted" por @dsc-r2cornell, que es la "cuenta curating" de la Comunidad de la Discordia de @R2cornell.

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Gracias muchas gracias @dsc-r2cornell.


Been here, done this. Love it.

Submitting this for the powerhousecreatives Resteem Relay. Request @mutitum, @espoem, or @priyanarc to take up the mantle.

In lak'ech, JaiChai

Hi @jaichai, thanks for your comment.

and for the resteem, But I don't understand your last comment? Where did you solicit some people?

Submitting this for the powerhousecreatives Resteem Relay. Request @mutitum, @espoem, or @priyanarc to take up the mantle.

Is that I speak Spanish and use a translator.

My mistake. I resubmitted properly in "ReSteem Relay". Sorry. In lak'ech, Jaichai

Hey, thanks for sharing!! Is publish0x very similar to Steemit or are there unique characteristics of the platform? ((: 💕

It is easier for the publisher, it accepts copying and pasting anything while maintaining the order of the source and it also has an advantage in terms of the time value of the publications.

In other words, at Steemit we only have 7 days to generate profits with the posts in Publish0x no, you can always charge over time the posts do not expire in Publish0x

I didn't mention this point which is important because I want to announce Steemit not Publish0x.

Thanks for commenting and asking. See you soon.

I didn't mention this point which is important because I want to advertise Steemit not Publish0x.

Thank you for commenting and asking. See you soon. @joeylim