Quarantine Season #Ep20: Passenger - Let her go (cover).

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Hive everyone how are you have a peaceful and safe day, then this is the 20th episode of the quarantine season when i first start this season i didn't think that it will go that far i took a look on the views analytics of the last 5 videos there i realized that there is a lot of people are watching and caring about my covers so thank you guys for the love you give me i really appreciate that and it motivating me to work hard and make great cover.
Then today's song all of you know it by a humble artist my favourite so far, "Let her go" by Passanger released in 2012 has 2.6 Billion views on the official youtube video for me it deserved that number and even more that number allowed her to be famous i still remember that everyone was singing it that time im one of them.

In the I'd love to say that you can drop me song on the comment section to cover, So i hope you enjoy this cover if you really like it feel free to Upvote and reblog this post thanks.

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