Video lapse of installing wire fence

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I put together a short video of me installing a fifteen foot wide welded wire fence. Using eight foot stakes I pound them into the ground using a special tool. Its mostly a pipe with handles on them and welded closed on one side.

Driving in these stakes with this tool was very easy, I have done this with a sledgehammer and its alot harder that way. Once the posts are driven into the ground I go about cutting the welded wire fence to the size I need to complete the covering of an edge of a wall. Theres a drop off below so its important to make sure no one can fall down in that area. Using these materials I can build a basic fence.

Rolling out the wire and moving it around took a little work but I got it all done rather quickly. It took me awhile to figure out how to attach the hooks to the stakes that hold the fence in place. But all and all I got it done in a few hours. I started this in the morning and got it done before the sun started cooking me.. haha

Good to know how to do this, now I can build a simple fence quite easily. This was the first time of me building such a structure. I think if I ever need a Deer proof garden building a double tall or triple tall version of this would be useful.

The main this to worry about is what you are driving these stakes into underground. Got to make sure there are no underground wires or pipes as you are driving them a few feet down into the ground.

LBRY Video Link

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Those stake drivers are so much better than the sledge hammer

Haha so true. I'm never going back to a sledge to hammer in those posts.

Wowwww! That's really cool. You're really skilful.
Welldone @solominer

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Hah thanks alot.. I'm glad it went well being the first time I've built one.

Oh, nice! I'm glad to hear that really @solominer

Success for you always!

You are well done!

Hah thanks alot