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Its October, so I wanted to share another spooky story of mine. This one took place in a park in Glendale, California. I visited this park during the day with my girlfriend at the time, she drove by it as I looked into the woods that were in the park. I saw a shadowy figure run across the woods, really tall and fast. I only saw it once, as we drove around the park a few times. That was the start of the weirdness.

Later that day me and some friends returned after dark to walk around the park. As we walked we joked around and me and a friend got into a little scuffle. Around this time, my friend saw a woman in white out of the corner of his eye. She was sitting on a sewer grate in the middle of the park, right by where we were messing around.

From the history I have gathered this park there was a homeless lady that lived in the park along with a bunch of stray cats. She would feed the cats so they would stay around her. One day she got raped and murdered by some gang members in the area, as this park is not in a very good part of town. Since then the place as been reported as haunted.

I think by me and my friend roughhousing we stirred up some energy there, and it triggered whatever remained at the park. As we left the park, a second friend says he saw the same thing as my other friend. So that makes two people that saw the woman in white that day in the same place at the same time.

We leave the park and call it a night, was really interesting our experience there that evening.

I returned with my girlfriend at the time and she brings along a friend that claims to be physic. As we walk through the park with, her, him and myself the physic mentions there is something here for sure. And right around that time it feels like I walk through a spider web, but none was there. I turned on my flash light and looked for the web I dislodged walking through it. I could not find it... very strange.

A little later the physic says the person that is here is not happy with our presence, but we keep walking around. I return to the place that my two friends saw the woman in white. And there was a single cat sitting on the grate where the woman in white was seen. It was as if the cat was waiting for someone to feed it.

With the history of the homeless lady feeding cats, seeing something a strange after me and friend were playing around which could be construed as violent I guess. The weird spider web experience, along with the physics feedback on the location. And finally the cat sitting exactly where my two friends saw that ghostly lady. And the shadowy figure I saw in the early part of the day. All very strange...

A few words of advise, if you visit the park go in numbers so you will be safer as some shady people can be around and in the park sometimes. California is one of those thats were you cannot really protect yourself so best to just have a bunch of friends with you. Also there were some real nasty potholes around there so be careful, maybe they fixed them by now but I have no idea as I have not been there since.

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That is so creepy @solominer
My first and only visual experience with some "spirit" apparition was from my College building which actually is known for being haunted by a "White Lady" as we call it. It happened in a very early morning in the third floor of the College part of the building because the other half part was for High school and grade school students.

Hah yeah that park does give me the creeps. But I would return with enough friends again one day. Maybe when I eventually take a trip back to Cali I can get some of my own friends together and we can investigate the park again decades later.

The white dressed ghosts seem to be a common way of us seeing them. Always interesting people half way around the world see ghosts the same as we see them here.

I love reading about other people's paranormal experiences. I know that spider web feeling well. Many people believe that's what it feels like when a spirit touches you. I can't say for sure, but given your other experiences, it's likely that's what it was. Thanks for sharing.

Ah glad you liked my story. Yes it would seem that could be the case. Since I never found that broken web hanging on the near by trees was quite strange.

Maybe that is indeed what happened.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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