📷 My Marketfriday: knitted toys at the masters fair

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Have a nice day! It so happened that I missed my favorite Marketfriday several times, but now I decided to write to you again and show you interesting handmade crafts that I found at one of the fairs of folk masters.

Buy such a toy-talisman and you will live happily all year :-)

Although if you like to knit, you can always make a similar toy yourself. The truth is in the quality of the yarn is recommended to use either the acrylic thread or wool. But wool toys are often deformed after a few washes.

If you decide to take up knitting, I advise you to use cotton threads. The structure of this material is more rigid, but cotton products have clear shapes and look good after washing.

Someone can do good or evil, to link long ears, or a bright beanie with bubonicon.

It is good when people are engaged in any kind of creativity. They don't have time to be bored. Hands themselves knit, weave, cut or embroider something.

The result is such funny and funny toys that lift the mood...

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And at the end, as always, there will be flowers.




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So many beautiful dolls! They all look so expressive! What a talented set of artists! 😎

Thanks )

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Wooaww so cute. Abd your photos are so successfull

Thanks )

You' re welcome. ☺️

Wow! 😍 That is a really beautiful handmade crafts shop that you found! I love everything they made. Very cute and very attractive as well.

To be honest, I hate rats or mice! I'm afraid of them. But that first picture is so cute, that I want to have one! Hahaha! 😂

I love those little bunnies. They are cute! I cannot believe their innovative imagination! Maybe because I don't know how to knit that's why I am amazed with how artistic the knitters are!

Thank you @singa for taking me to this art craft market. I really enjoyed it.

Have a beautiful day ahead! 😍

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