New 3Speak Guide: 7 Simple Features That Makes 3Speak Special

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Dear Hivers,

Almost all of us know about 3Speak, isn't it?

And that is why I wanted to write this article as a “refresher” to share what’s happening inside this platform. For anyone new joining 3Speak, you will find this guide useful.

In fact, before we go there, it is also important to share this:

3Speak silently completed one year.

It is still young. And it continues to gain momentum.


If we were to compare: For at least 10 years, YouTube never made a profit. It wasn’t extremely mainstream in 2005 as well (the year it started). When you think about it, that’s almost 15 years ago.

That being said, 3Speak is unique in its own ways.

Having entered the market as a video platform on the blockchain, I wish to share 7 note-worthy features of 3Speak. We start with the basics and move onto some of the most significant features:

1. Censorship Resistant

No one is stopping you on 3Speak. It is a purely censorship-resistant platform inviting everyone to share any kind of video content.

This also means free speech is its core value. If you want to share anything and everything? 3speak is your place. It is truly your home.


2. Ad-free experience

YouTube was like this earlier. No ads in the beginning. Or in the middle. Things, however, changed.

But not with 3Speak.

3Speak is not at the mercy of big ad companies. You are free to watch videos instantly — and you have dozens of categories to pick your videos from.


Update: In the near future, we will have ads. And viewers can earn rewards for watching these ads. So not just publishers but also viewers will benefit.

3. Opportunity to stand out

Success on YouTube still means poverty — this was Fortune’s brilliant article in 2018.

In short: To get noticed on YouTube is incredibly tough. The popular ones are grabbing the largest slice of the pizza – leaving the leftovers to the rest.


So if you want to stay on the top, you need to enter a new platform as early as possible. This is where 3Speak could be your opportunity to stand out.

4. Better Rewards

Let’s face it: there aren’t a lot of views on 3Speak. But if you can compare the views with the rewards? You can notice the difference.

  • $72 for 38 views
  • $11 for 17 views


Plus, there is hardly any barrier to entry: no audition, no executives to impress, and no big Hollywood equipments required to earn these rewards.

Just a simple idea: post more to earn more.

Tip: You can also use multiple Hive Accounts as different channels under your single 3Speak Account.

5. Ongoing Contests

Founder @theycallmedan continues to promote 3Speak with new initiatives. Right now, we have a couple of activities for you to consider:


These ongoing initiatives are designed to create engagement and build the community. It also means, if your content is excellent, then you will reap twice the benefit – not only stand out but also earn more.

6. Incredible CPM

For a publisher, CPM is a metric that shows your earnings per 1000 views. On YouTube, I have seen CPM as low as 35 cents to even $3.

It all depends on the viewer’s country and the type of content.

Compare that to 3Speak?


The CPM on 3Speak is incredibly high. Perhaps the highest in the industry.

This, of course, doesn’t mean you will make $1000 per 1000 views. However, you get the idea: this is a fantastic opportunity for people to try out 3Speak.

7. Unlimited potential

What happened when YouTube went mainstream? It created a whole new industry. Then more people entered. Hundreds and thousands.

Few moved on to, say, TikTok.

And now we have several other apps allowing people to flow in different directions.

In this sea of apps, the publisher has to be wise. He can consider 3Speak as another app. Or even a golden ticket to get to the top – quickly and easily.

Perhaps even tap into 3Speak to turn into an early influencer. And become popular on Hive along the way. The potential – along with uncertainties – can lead to new miracles and unlimited potentials, isn't it?


So there you have it...

You saw what really makes 3Speak special.

These are simple features – yet features worth repeating and remembering.

From a video platform saying YES to free speech without banning you to offering good rewards and a new set of audience worth tapping into...

3Speak has turned into a young platform with unlimited potential and miracles.

It has only been one year. And there's more to look forward to, isn't it?

Good times are certainly here!


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Sounds like a good idea to get one's messages out.

Just some questions here.
What would be a good way to make videos with? A mobile phone?
How long should a good video be?
Is there a FAQ site on 3 speak?
What is the main 3speak link?

Take care!

Thank you!! Exactly what I want to know!

Hope that we get an answer Lady Denise!

Great guide! Sharing on Twitter. #POSH

Good article, only thing to note is that we will be starting to run in video ads in order to fund the platform and its creators.

Ads outside the videos are visible. But even inside? That would be something. Eager to see the advertisers.

It’s all fairly standard stuff really. Just the mind set is to reward creators and create a sustainable platform. Once ads are profitable, we will give a small tip to viewers for watching ads too. It’s a while away yet. But that is our intention

It’s all fairly standard stuff really.

Truly is.

It’s all fairly standard stuff really.

Way to go forward and build on the "attention economy" rewarding both sides. Overall, excited for this journey!

Great article. So, it is $72 for 38 views???
I think it is way more than YouTube is paying..
#GreatPost #Voteuuup

No its not.
Its an example of what 1 video earned.
You can have a video with 30 views and 0.1$, it depends on if the viewers like your video and upvote it. Just like a post here

Oh, I see. Yeah, it makes more sense now.

That's an excellent post! And this is why it also made me switch to 3Speak for my travel videos!

3speak view does not work. Your idea is wrong.

Check out this post. Despite having 103 views, he did not get any votes from 3speak.

They did not explain it very well in the post. The amount of views you get in no way influences the amount you earn from the video. The only thing that matters is who votes on it and how much Hive power they have.

Good problem that I faced is 3speak is not completelly working on mobile browser. Unless and until you are on desktop/mac/or laptop you unable to upload...

I am facing same problem to. But working fine on PC.

No issue ...carry on with PC....u can record via mobile and upload it through pc..

Probably the best crypto video platform out there. I think a really close second would be

@theycallmedan is really passionate about 3Speak , not seen that in many ventures where the investor is so actively engaged. I was not knowing about these CPM , but a quick question - does 3speak reward the content based on how many views ? or it rewards and then the view happens ?

It has nothing to do with view. Something missing in the post. It depends on votes and voting power. If you get upvote or like from any account which high power, you will get high reward. If you have 1000 views, but nobody voted, than no reward.

I think you already know this.

I know, but I was curious based on this writing, if 3speak is voting based on view or views are based on voting.

I think you should edit option no 4, as we all know that reward doesn't depend on views. Other topics are cool though.

Keep writing!

I agree with @papilloncharity! Is there a how to, why for post out on the entire process?

Upped and Reposted


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I'd include a link to the 3Speak main page. Less friction for new people.

So basic. I always do that. I don't know how I missed that. Updated the post.

We're inspired to upload our football videos here! No censorship means the world!

Is there any chance 3 speak will allow us to use youtube links instead of uploading the videos directly? Sometimes the uploads can take a while and if I've already uploaded the video to one platform it would be great to be able to just use the share link for 3speak. That way I don't have to spend all that time uploading again.