The Ultimate 3Speak FAQs For Brand New Users

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Dear Hivers,

For any brand new user, this guide should serve as a foundation to learn all about 3Speak. We start with common questions and then move onto some significant features worth knowing.

I am dividing this FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) into three sections with a total of 25 questions.


First, we start with the basics. And then we discuss videos (creating and publishing). And finally, we dive into rewards and monetisation.

Let's get started:


#1: What is 3Speak?

3Speak is a censorship-resistant video platform built on the Hive blockchain. It promotes free speech and invites content creators to create and share videos. Here you can watch, publish, and share any type of video content.

Website link: 3Speak.Online

#2: How can I activate my 3Speak account?

Registration is free. You have to visit the 3Speak website to create your account using a valid email address. Once you confirm your account, connect it to Hive.

Note: You can connect multiple Hive accounts to a single 3Speak account.

#3: What are the benefits of 3Speak?

For viewers: You can watch video content (ad-free right now).

For publishers: You can create and upload video content. You can also monetise this content and share it with your audience.

#4: Is this yet another video hosting platform?

That’s right — 3Speak is another video platform with a slight twist. First, as mentioned earlier, it is built on the Hive blockchain. Second, no one is stopping you from uploading videos.

There's literally zero resistance, which means you don't risk losing your account or your precious videos.


#5: What kind of videos can I create?

As 3Speak is a censorship-resistant platform, you are free to create any videos you like. It is upto the viewers to decide the quality of the video content. If they like it, they will upvote and you can earn rewards.

#6: What type of videos can I upload?

Literally, any type!

You are also free to upload even offensive videos. It includes criticism, jokes, politics, conspiracies, beliefs, and so on. Although, as mentioned here, best to avoid videos promoting violence and unnecessary gore.

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#7: How long can my videos be?

Your videos can be as long or as short as you want. There is no limit for the video (time limit). Video filesize should be 3.5 GB or less.

#8: Can I upload video files of any format?

Yes. Currently, a lot of video formats are supported except a few (MOV). One can convert MOV videos to MP4 (standard format) and upload the file on 3Speak.

Standard video format: MP4 / AVI. GIF is also supported.

#9: What is the process of uploading?

Simple and similar to any other video platform. First, you upload the file from your computer or mobile phone. Then you add the description, tags, and a thumbnail. Then you hit Publish.

#10: Can I schedule my video?

Yes. Starting 27th May, you can schedule the publishing time of your video in advance.

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#11: Can I upload video clips from other sources?

Yes. You can take clips from different sources and upload it here. Although optional, it is recommended that you cite the source in the description. This helps viewers to understand if the content is original or taken from a different source.

#12: Can I upload just audio?

Right now, you can’t upload audio. However, you can use services like Voice2V and Convert Faster. Just upload your audio along with any image to get the MP4 file. Save this file. And then upload it on 3Speak.

#13: When can I expect my videos to be live?

Once the video is saved, please allow sometime for your video to be processed. Generally, it takes less than 30 minutes for encoding the video.

You can check the status by going to your videos page on 3Speak.


#14: Who is eligible for rewards?

Anyone and everyone. If you have a valid 3Speak account linked to Hive, then you can begin your monetising journey right away. By default, every video you upload has the potential to earn.

#15: How exactly do I make money?

You get paid in Hive / HBD tokens. Payment will be in your wallet within 7 days. And you earn these tokens when people upvote your videos.

#16: Higher the views, more the money?

No. But higher the views, more the visibility. This can also lead to more upvotes. To make it clear, upvotes determine the amount of money you can make.


#17: What if no one upvotes my content?

If that’s the case, you have to take a step back and look at your video content. You have to change it to appeal to the audience. Feel free to browse through the trending page to get a better idea of the content that's working.

#18: Can I have multiple channels?

Yes. Multiple channels are legal and valid. You have add them from your single 3Speak account.

#19: What kind of content can I monetise?

Once again, you can monetise any type of video content. Your monetisation depends on the upvotes. Or you can also get an external brand to sponsor your video content.

#20: What about inline video ads?

Right now, there are no inline video ads, so viewers can experience ad-free videos. In the future, if inline video ads are available, both the viewers and publishers can benefit.


#21: What’s the bare minimum I need?

To record a video, you can go with low, budget, or high-quality equipments. The choice, in fact, is ultimately yours. From smartphone to webcam to DSLR — you get to decide you are comfortable with. There are no restrictions whatsoever.

#22: Can I download videos?

Yes. You can download your videos normally or via torrent. Under every video, you will find both the options. You can download your own and others video instantly.

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#23: Is there an app available?

Right now, no. But you can upload videos from the mobile browser. Only pre-recorded clips can be uploaded.

#24: What if I don’t want to make money?

3Speak has a new feature called Decline Rewards. By selecting this option (which is visible when you are uploading the video), you can choose NOT to receive any tokens.

#25: How do I get in touch with 3Speak?

Founder: @theycallmedan - [Twitter]
Official: @threespeak - [Twitter / Discord]
Website: 3Speak.Online


So there you have it. Total of 25 questions and answers.

Each one of them reveals more about 3Speak.

To summarize: 3Speak, as a video platform, allows you to create and publish video content. You not only earn rewards but also reach to a new audience without having to worry about losing your account or your videos.

It is also important to note that 3Speak is just one year old.

And there's a lot of ongoing development.

So over to you: What do you think about 3Speak? Have you tried it yet? Were these FAQs useful? Have any question I missed? Want to share something? Whatever it is, let me know! I would love to read.



There is no limit for the video (time and size).

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