selfish moon

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After many days, the moon has risen in the sky today. Seeing the beauty of the moon, my mind is filled with joy in a different way.My joy is different. There is a little reason. I will try to say the reason.Since I saw such a beautiful moon in the sky after a long day today, I tried to take a picture of the moon because I tried to capture this moment in a frame.As I was returning home from the office this evening, I looked up at the sky and saw the moon calling out to me.I stood in the street for a while and was fascinated by that beauty.

I have some reasons to see the beauty of the moon over time, some memories come to mind because there are so many memories involved in such a moonlit night.So sometimes when I see that moon, suddenly the old memories seem to move inside.I think just as I have old memories, every human being has some or the other memory of this moon associated with their lives.
To me even today the old memories are just frozen in the pages of memories but the man around whom my memories are wrapped is not by my side today.My mind says that if she looks at the moon in the sky today, she may remember the past.Today as I stand on the street from my place and see the moon and enjoy the beauty maybe my old man is sitting on the roof of her house enjoying the beauty with her partner.
The beauty of my moon sometimes seems selfish because she did not keep the words she gave me on this moonlit night. So today I am alone looking at the beauty of the moon and thinking about the words of the old days and I was smiling to myself. Anyway, dear people, be good with your beloved .20200903_20175001.jpeg


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