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My brother always asks me to look around whenever I begin to lose hope. He always thought me to find happiness in the smallest of things.


I was almost down today because it was some boring past few months. Yes, I learned to cook, I got a bit better with drawing and colouring. I began to write a bit.

But all my "going out with bestie" stopped. We don't travel much, but do go around the city in our scooters. Used to be a good fresh air and relief from exam and "what's going to happen off our future" stress.

Hopeful to meet my bestie and go on such small trips and eat loads of junk soon. Had clicked this statue picture the last time I had been out with my friend. Just happened to see this in the bushes while I was waiting for my bestie.


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Hi @sholi, that one thing brothers are always good at and that is lifting his sister spirit. Just continue to maintain for a little longer and you and you bestie’s will be on those scooters soon.

Whenever things get too good. Everything in life is great, I worry. There is always something waiting to happen. I enjoy the good fortune. But, I recognize that it will end suddenly.

On the opposite end, when the worst is happening. When I am at my lowest, there is always hope that something good is on the way.

Life tends to balance out, in my experience. I have learned to be happy and enjoy it while it lasts, recognizing that it won't be forever. And with sadness, I also recognize that it won't be forever. I allow myself to feel the pain or sorrow with the knowledge that it will get better in time.

There is always balance.