Monochromatic sesiones #1

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New challenges

For some time now one of my friends wants me to paint his motorcycle using the airbrush technique, I had always refused because I have little free time and because I have not used the airbrush technique before, well actually I did, but just a couple of times. I want to learn how to use an airbrush and be able to do quality work and I think it is the right time to start this, since my friend will allow me to make novice mistakes, to put it mildly. I know other similar techniques, which is the case of the low pressure spray, I think I can do it, and this is the opportunity I was looking for.


The proposal

My friend really likes Mexican art, specifically the one related to the Day of the Dead that is celebrated in Mexico every year. But he particularly likes catrinas, this art of Mexican folklore that consists of decorating people's faces with symbols and shapes that refer to death from the point of view of the culture of the dead man in Mexico.

What he wants me to paint on his motorcycle is a catrina on the side of the gasoline tank in monochromatic colors, and I wanted to make a proposal in acrylic, one of the techniques that I like the most, to show it to my friend.

The creative process

On the other hand, hive friends did not want to leave out the opportunity to show them the process of development of this painting using the acrylic technique only for the proposal , I hope you enjoy it.










Thanks in advance


  • Technique: Acrylic.
  • References: 1

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Strong stuff! I am suddenly thinking of frida kahlo, and of women silenced and made to be only decorative. hmmmm??? pondering. Learning new techniques and creating art out of your comfort zone? The Edge is a powerful place to be.

I'm not a big fan of merchandising either 😅, I like more conceptual art, science fiction .. etc, but most of my clients likes things like this. Life constantly pushes us to get out of our comfort zone, I think that most of the time we resist until it starts to hurt and we have no other alternative but to accept the change, although this time I think it is a sign that I was waiting for 😉. thanks for passing by @artemislives 🙏

I DO wonder what it says when a man rides around with the image of a dead silenced woman on the tank of his bike, which is between his legs. Better apply coffee or I will fall into a deep rabbit hole... LOL...

Actually the catrinas are not dead silenced women. The catrinas arose as a mockery of people (men and women) who did not accept their indigenous background in Mexico.

I know that, but most people, when they pull up next to this guy at a traffic light, are gonna see a dead silenced woman between his legs. Art taken and dispayed out of content doesn't usually retain its meaning, despite the honourable intentions of the artist. Cos that's what it LOOK LIKE to most people.

art is subjective. 👍

Indeed it is and the terrifying thing (I think) for the artist is to release the work to stand alone, without cultural explanation or commentary. I also always disliked art history when the teacher would tell us what it was supposed to represent. Art is utterly new and speaks differently, each time it is experienced. I shall have a quiet ponder about what my experience of the catrinas says about me. LOL. More coffee!!

It's an excellent piece, @shimozurdo Forgive my ramblings.

Thank you 😅

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