10 Facts about me - 30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 2

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Hello to all you Hivers!

I am taking up the 30 day Blog challenge set by @tegoshei and pointed out to me by @ybanezkim26. Today is Day two.

10 Facts about ME


Now this is a tricky one as there are millions of facts about me so how to choose 10? Ok Let me give this a go.

Fact 1- I am a Lefty

I am left handed. Well I do alot of things left handed such as write, play pool, shoot a rifle and I fight south paw but I also do many things right handed. Racket and batting sports and throwing are right handed for instance. I also found out recently I can shoot a bow and arrow both left and right handed no problem.

Fact 2- I am a Dual National

Born in the US raised in the UK so I have a funny accent hold dual nationality. I feel like a mix too.


Fact 3- I was in the US Air Force

When I was merely 17 years old I signed up in the Air Force and spent some time in Texas, Colorado and New mexico as an avionics tech. Sounds more interesting than it actually was but I still have a fondness for all things Aviation

Fact 4- I am a Scuba Instructor

As you have no doubt gathered I love a bit of scuba and this job has taken me all over the world, USA, UK, Mozambique, Zanzibar, Jamaica, Philippines. Met some amazing people and lived in some stunning places. Was a good move.

Fact 5- I took a Beatle Diving

Managed to drop this one in twice in 2 days and I will never not use the opportunity to mention that I did Discover Scuba for Paul McCartney 😆. No point in taking a Beatle diving if you are not going to mention it really is there?

Fact 6- I am nuts for Coffee

Love, love , Love coffee. Alot of my repeat divers bring me coffee beans when they come back to dive with us. Be it Jamaican, Ethiopian, Tanzanian just gimme the damned coffee!!!

Fact 7- I love all things Star Wars

Since the age of 8 I have been in love with these Movies. I love them all. I know the purists will rail about the prequels and the sequals but I take it all. it's part of my childhood and woven itself into my fabric. So many conversational quotes of the years, imitating Yoda the lot. And of course now...Mandalorian? THIS IS THE WAY.

Fact 8- I am a huge Blues Music fan

As i mentioned yesterday @scubahead derives from my love of Scuba and Motorhead but we would have no rock music or pretty much any modern music without the bedrock of the Blues.

Fact 9- I am a Leicester City Football Club fan

Before anyone accuses me of jumping on the bandwagon I held season tickets (as did my wife and boy) when we were in the lower leagues and have been going to matches( when in the city) since 1977. Paid my dues and am proud to be a fan of the biggest upset in team sports history EVER. Happy Days

Fact 10- I love the Hive!

I am finding this place to be a remarkable platform with so much potential. I can’t remember enjoying creating content, photo, writing and video more than i am enjoying it right now.

Ok thats my Day 2 completed of the 30-Day Blogging Challenge If you want to read Day one then 30 Day blog Challenge- Day 1- Why that Username? SCUBAHEADgo for it 😆. Day 3 tomorrow. This is quite a nice challenge

Thanks for reading. Please be safe out there people wherever you are on the planet. Take care


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Nice to meet you, @scubahead! 😂

こちらこそ likewise :)

This challenge is nice, I got to know people about them So you're in the military as well. That's awesome, I'm fond of them but I don't I could be one.

Anyway, it's nice knowing the 10 facts you've shared.

Was an interesting experience and I don't regret it but it's not something I would have kept doing which is why I got out as soon as the opportunity arose. Luckily I was so young when i enlisted I was still very young when I got out.

If you say so maybe it's better. You're enjoying your life more I think now that you're not in the military. By the way, I already prepared my post for you to include. It's in my hometown again. Not special but it's a nice place.

Ah, so no point asking if you worked on the StarGate program and traveled to other planets by portals. You would certainly deny it.

Also, the Mandalorian had a pretty cool soundtrack :) I love the main theme.

Yeah its a bit like Space Django

Yaaay~! It's day two!! ^^ It was fun reading your entry today, too! :) I love the archery pictures! I wanna try it again. ^^ Also, I'm really curious about your accent. :D Do you play football, too?

I used to when I was younger. I don't play now. Just watch lol

Sounds great! ^^ I haven't played the sport, but some of my cousins were into football back in the days. It was fun watching them. :)

I am enjoying the challenge though, it's fun :)

I'm truly delighted to know that. :)

it's really good so many are not only joining the challenge but engaging also which is great. This is what the #hiv needs

For sure. I guess engagement in the community makes it more fun and exciting! :)

it does and you build a nice community also. It's a nice platform with good support

That's true. Let's keep at it and enjoy while doing so. ;)

tomorrow, day in detail. hmmmm

These 10 fun facts are interesting! I had fun while reading all the facts about you especially that you incorporated it with great and catchy photo of yours. Nice knowing you, @scubahead. 😊

thanks @jemzem it's a fun challenge. On to day 3 tomorrow

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It wasn't surprising to me to know that you've enlisted yourself in the Air Force before because I think at your age bracket, it is mandatory in your state. Correct me if I'm wrong. But what I like about is how you transformed yourself into a scuba diving instructor from an Air force militia. You've known so well those things in the air and under the water. so cool!

Are you into bikes? like biggypauls? :D

I do like bikes but I am nowhere near as knowledgeable about them as @biggypauls is. He knows alot about bikes. We do ride the same kind of bike here though in the PhilippinesScreen Shot 20200412 at 10.29.44 AM.jpeg