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If you do not have what to live for, then the purpose of living is defeated and live will be futile. Living is as different from existence as the east is from the west. You only move from merely existing to truly living when your life is borne out of purpose. Just like it has always been said; "when the purpose of waking up is not clearly defined, then sleeping and snoring will be inevitable".

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If there is nothing driving you to make moves, then success may not be in view. If your dream is not big enough that they may even scare you at some point, then the driving force may be missing in the dream. Dreams have unimaginable powers in them to stir up actions within the person but one thing should be noted; dreams do not have the power to get themselves fulfilled - you are the one that needs to put in the required actions in the right direction and at the right time to get them fulfilled.

It is in the pursuit of your dreams that your success lies. No one would have known Orville and Wilbur Wright if they did not take out the time to pursue after their dream of making a heavier-than-air flying machine (airplane). The world is only interested in the results and the proves you have, not the size of your dreams.

Having a plan will place on you the responsibilities required to act on your dreams. The truth is, if you have nothing to stand for, you may fall for anything. When you draft out your plan, it will go a long way to prevent distractions and keep you focused on fulfilling your dreams. Singleness of sight is a major requirement towards the fulfilment of dreams.

You may be surprised to know that the same idea you have is not entirely prerogative of you alone. Many other people out there are also nursing similar ideas. The only difference will be the manner of approach you give to yours and the timeliness in executing your plans.

Believe me, in more case than we can imagine, delays will always defeat equity. The same thing applies in the pursuit of one's dreams. Delayed actions may come at a negative price that is similar to inaction. This is because the world is heavily competitive and when someone's idea similar to yours flies before yours, they will enjoy the "early bird" grace. So you need to act fast on your dreams.

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It is true that we are not in competition with anyone but delay can render your dreams void. Imagine if someone is still dreaming of landlines in this era of mobile telephony systems, what do you think will happen to the dream? You see, it is not enough to upgrade your dreams and plans with the trend of event but it is required that you act fast towards fulfilling them.

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It is true that we are not in competition with anyone but delay can render your dreams void.

This is exactly a strong and solid fact to always remember. I like your analogy of landline in this era, perfect one.


Thanks a lot buddy Turpsy. I'm glad you liked the post.
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Some positive words. Delay isn't denial but at the same time, no go dey sleep on top bike

Confam baba. Person wey dey sleep on top bike, no be die be dat? 😂😂

Thanks bro

Na so. You're welcome boss.