Hard Work or Smart Work?

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While growing up, we were made to believe that you need to put in work for you to make impact in life. However, one thing that we should not fail to realize is that, there is a "how to" work in order to have results. Believe me, the world is not interested to see the amount of work you put into something but the level of result you have been able to produce. This is why working hard cannot be compared to working smart because in the later, the result is always in view.

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In any work you do, you should have a result-oriented mindset and then look for ways to go about it without resorting to breaking your bones. I keep telling people that if hard work is the only requirement for success, then the people that bend iron and lay bricks will be among the most successful people. I remember what the late Steve Jobs once said; he said that he loves to assign jobs to lazy people because they will always look for easier ways to complete the job. This is actually what smart work entails.

Imagine in a farm setting, for example, if Farmer A uses hoe and cutlass to farm and Farmer B uses tractor-powered cultivator, who do you think will produce better, quicker and stressless results? Obviously it is Farmer B because he chose to work smart. In this era, massive competition has entered the labour market and to be able to keep up, you need to keep doing things differently. You cannot maintain the practices that were obtainable in the 15th century and expect to have a 21st century result.

Imagine if the only thing that someone uses for his business centre is the Olympian typewriter whereas someone else uses computer system, who do you think will be better at productivity? Success does not answer to the hardness of your labour but the skills and smartness you are able to bring to the table. Each time you are to engage in any manual labour, try to ask yourself if there are other better ways to get the job done than the process you are about to take.

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It is only your result that will give credit to your work not the nature of the work you put into it. How will you expect me to use long-division process to solve an arithmetic problem when I can easily use a calculator to get the answer in split-seconds? This is the nature of smart work. Quit focusing on the volume of the work and look for smart ways to get the job done, cos that's what the world wants to see.

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