More holiday creations!

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As the holiday season is still on, I keep making little crafts for friends. This is a small piece I made for the couple from the bakery we shop at...


Driftwood, cinnamon scented wood flake, wool and yarn work together to make this cute piece.


The tree is made with macrame knots and the winter cap is the basic cap craft you can find on Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram and so on...


The snowman is wishing "Happy Holidays!" and is all painted by hand.


Wrapped in some nice Christmas paper, my little present is ready!

content by ruth - christmas.png

Original content by @ruth-girl - 2020 - All rights reserved
Originally posted on HIVE, also shared on my Steemit blog


I love seeing all your creations Ruth, they are great xxxx

Thank you Aish!

Happy, blessed and bright New Year!!! 🎆🥂💖

You will be getting some very nice baked goods this year :))

Happy New Year!

I hope so! Hahaha!

Happy, blessed and lovely New Year!! 💖🎆🥂

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