The second full Moon of this year

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Last night, or "this morning", I took a photograph of the second Full Moon of this year. It's also called the Snowmoon. Many years ago, it was also called the Hungermoon. Since February had the heaviest snowfall during the year, the hunting days made it very difficult to have a successful hunt.

Since there is a storm coming, I thought it would be nice to pull that 500mm lens before my camera would fly away into space.

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I also made a short animation to give it some extra feeling.

Protip: right click / hold on videoscreen and select "Loop"

Have you checked out the Moon last night? Tonight, you'll be able to see it in its full glory!

Happy hunting


Ruben, I haven’t gone hunting in years but I may just have to howl at the moon tonight. The photo’s ethereal.

Nice, keep me posted about the hunt bruh. Check this stuff out: Click to see epic stuff, pretty sick!

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Odin is not amused.