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Today I am celebrating my two year anniversary on the Steem Hive blockchain! Exactly two years ago today, I decided to "jump in" and establish an online profile here. Prior to making that decision, it was a step I had said would never happen.

That is, I am not now or ever have been on Facebook, Twitter, ?...? and still maintain that I almost certainly never will be.

Since posting my introduction on 14 May 2018, though, it has been an absolutely wonderful experience "in here." I would never have imagined my "journey" through this "virtual world" would involve engaging with others all over the world and what that experience has meant to me.

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It is always nice to get these "milepost" awards from @hivebuzz. I really like their new website design and the color scheme used with the Hive logo.

Source: HiveBuzz Award
from the team of Witness @arcange

What I am going to do to mark this occasion is put together a complete picture of what this year has looked like, from the point-of-view of my posting. This post will serve as a key reference for me, from now on. And it will always mean a great deal to me, given what it represents.

Year One - Looking back ...

Before getting into year two, here is a reference to all of the work I put in year one. It highlights the value I have added to our Steem Hive blockchain.

Lead Image Title, Link, & Summary
πŸ’₯ One Year on the Steem Blockchain! πŸ’₯ Part 1 ...

I celebrated my first anniversary by creating a complete picture of what the year had looked like. I built an index of every post and it has served as an invaluable reference ever since. Here are the grouped sections:

● In the beginning ● Observations and Reflections ● Good Business
● Monthly Highlights and Updates ● Steem Blockchain

πŸ’₯ One Year on the Steem Blockchain! πŸ’₯ Part 2 ...

In creating my first anniversary post, I managed to break Steem! 😧 I got a dreaded "Exceeds maximum length (65 KB)" error! πŸ˜• So ... Had to break it up. The rest of the sections are listed below:

● Pay-It-Forward Community ● Travelogues ● R2R: "Road to Recovery" Trip
● Technical Aides ● HODLer Alerts ● Executive Summary


Recreating the Executive Summary at the end of those posts:

Here is what I said then, about what those numbers represented, when comparing the value I had added to our Steem Hive blockchain, in my first year:

Hmmm. I wonder what the average number of words are in other Steemian posts? πŸ€” What I do know, is that in our PIFC community founder @thedarkhorse has set the minimum number of words in a "quality content" post to be 200. If I was producing posts like that, I would've ended up with 805 posts! 😏

Even raising that standard up and doubling that to an average of 400 words per post, I still would've ended up with 403 posts - more than one per day, 7 days a week. πŸ˜‰

Well, with that, my first year is "in the bag" and time will tell how I do in my second year! πŸ‘‹


With that, let's see what I accomplished in my second year ...

Reflections on "Road to Recovery" Trip of a Lifetime

While they took a lot of work, there are no posts I have enjoyed creating on our Steem Hive blockchain more than recreating for my dear readers my "Road to Recovery" trip of a lifetime.

Getting home, I wrote the following posts about what I reflected upon during all of that "windshield time" driving almost 5,000 miles across 8 states:

Lead Image Title, Link, & Summary
2019 SteemitWorldPap travel contest - "Road to Recovery" Trip of a Lifetime!

Reflecting on my trip a year later, this contest to begin 2020 inspired me to start creating posts again, after 10 weeks of "getting away" ...

● Favorite Post #1: Mendocino, California ● Favorite Post #2: Catalina State Park
● Favorite Post #3: Morro Bay, California ● Favorite Post #4: Northwest Passage Scenic Byway

R2R Reflections: Immense Wealth! Yet, still the "pursuit of more"

Thoughts about the American "pursuit of happiness" and the importance of contentment, in an age of a seemingly endless "pursuit of more" ...

● Immense Wealth ● The "Pursuit of More!"

R2R Reflections: For Such a Time as This ...

What I probably thought about more than anything else was our time. While these reflections were focused on my own personal history, I also thought a lot about the time in human history into which I was born.

● Relentless March of Time

R2R Reflections: "Golden Years" and our Legacy ...

A primary focus of my reflections was on the "next chapter" of our lives - our legacy and the "footprints in the sands of time" we would leave behind.

● "Footprints on the sands of time"

"Back to Eden" Gardening

In early June 2019, some of the "big picture" concepts I reflected on during my "Road to Recovery" trip "crystallized" in the most unexpected way. These posts cover one of the most inspirational adventures of our lives, beginning with a simple question asked "in here," on a post of @rawutah - "What is a food forest?"

Lead Image Title, Link, & Summary
Reflections: Permaculture, Food Forests, and "Back to Eden!"

The response to this question - "What is a "food forest?" And the story behind the life-changing inspiration it has provided to me and my beloved.

● Journey of Discovery ● Life in the Soil ● Nutrition and Abundance
● Philosophy: "Intelligent Design" vs. Evolution ● Let's Do It!

"Back to Eden" Gardening: Journey Begins with Step One ..."

The adventure begins with the first step - making initial decisions and clearing the inevitable first hurdles.

● Initial Decisions and the Inevitable First Hurdles ...
● First Step: Source of Wood Chips ● "Trap" of Time and Consequences ...

"Back to Eden" Gardening: Adventures in Wood Chipping with a Sun Joe!"

The work begins in earnest, as we begin learning to use wood chips to reach our "Back to Eden" objectives, before the "snow flies!"

● Mulching with Wood Chips ● Move, Observe, Analyze, Adjust, Repeat ...
● Supplemental Sources of Wood Chips ● Lessons Learned

"Back to Eden" Gardening: Adventures in Composting - Hot & Cold!

Deciding we were "all in," on our new venture in life, we next tackled the challenge of learning about composting - both hot and cold!

● "Hot" Composting with a YIMBY! ● "Cold" Composting
● Harnessing Power! ● Lessons Learned

I was in a good "rhythm" writing these gardening posts about all that happened to us in 2019. It was all brought to a screeching halt by the "takeover" by Justin Sun, followed close behind by the crazy new world of COVID-19.

I hope to get back to writing some more of these, as I have really enjoyed putting them together.


Far and away the most consequential event of my lifetime, these posts cover my perspective on what the threat of the coronavirus pandemic truly represents.

Lead Image Title, Link, & Summary
Day 1: COVID-19: Out of the News, Into our Lives at Home ...

With alarming speed, COVID-19, went from the news in China to a pandemic here at home. What are the implications of our response to it?

● Impact at Home ● Question of "Proportionality"
● Unprecedented Disruption ● Unintended (?) Consequences

Day 6: COVID-19: Pandemic Defense and "Helicopter Money"

How many times can a writer use the word unprecedented? Covers trillions of $$$s promised, up to and including "helicopter money!"

● Manna from Heaven ● Off to War! ● "Too big too fail!" Right?
● "Financial Distancing"

Day 8: COVID-19: Gathering Storm of Looming Financial "Armageddon"

On Day 8, under a scenario described as a Perfect Storm, covers "unprecedented" consequences of the actions of the "Almighty" State.

● War and "Collateral Damage" ● Personal Impact

Day 30: COVID-19: "Post-COVID World," Losses Mount, and now "Phase Four?"

With the growing references to a ""new normal" in a "post-COVID" world, looked at the growing consequences of "what we did to ourselves."

● Financial Consequences ● Supply Chain Consequences
● Global Consequences ● Personal Impact

Day 48: COVID-19: Liberty vs. Safety and Security

Of the liberties you have known all of your life, how much of them are you willing to surrender for the promise of safety and security?

● Search for the Truth! ● Losses Continue to Mount ● The "New Normal?"


With inspiration from the creation of the Christian Fellowship Community, by @nextgen622 and faithfully supported by @michealb, I began writing a series of meditation posts. Experts say meditation has a number of health benefits, among other things. These posts capture some of my "quiet time" meditations and reflections.

Lead Image Title, Link, & Summary
Meditations: CityAlight and the Power of Music

Is there any higher form of our creativity than music? Especially when dedicated to our Creator? I invite you to experience this Australian team's music!
Meditations: "Turn to Me and be Saved, all the Ends of the Earth ..."

To what do you cling, in such a time (COVID-19 pandemic) as this? In the midst of the daily increase in despair all around us, in what do you place your hope? In the "Almighty State" and its leaders? Or is there a better option?
Meditations: Easter and Hope

What is the Easter holiday? What happened in two different gardens - Eden and Gethsemane? What is the difference between conviction and condemnation? This post answers these questions and why they represent the ultimate source of hope.
Meditations: "Will You Revive Us Again?"

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, nations are bankrupting themselves usurping God's place while proclaiming they are going to "save us." Really? Where should our focus be for "salvation?" Ever heard of revival? Spiritual revival?
Meditations: "It is Too Small a Thing ...

In the Book of Isaiah, our Sovereign God declares "it is too small a thing" for His Son to be the salvation of Israel only. What does this portion of scripture prophesy about who He is going to be to the rest of us?

Monthly Highlights and Updates

For most of my professional life, I was required to generate a monthly report. Carrying that experience "in here," I wrote monthly highlight posts almost every month - until I quit writing altogether for a time last Fall ...

Regular features were my "Executive Summary," "Awards and Accomplishments," and "Monthly Highlights" broken out into πŸ‘πŸ‘, πŸ‘, πŸ‘Ž, and πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž sections.

Lead Image Title, Link, & Summary
Update, Month 12: πŸ’₯ Annual Highlights Edition! πŸ’₯

Reviewed Year One accomplishments. Recognized the Steemians having the greatest influence on my first year and gave them SBI gifts, as a show of appreciation.

Update, Month 13: Slow start to Year 2 ...

My usual monthly content and began to track how STEEM consistently "under performs" in the overall crypto market. Recognized Palnet's role in my "journey" ...

Update, Month 14: 🎣 "Gone fishing ..." πŸ˜‰

My usual monthly content while noting STEEM "under performing" was getting worse. Bought 500 more STEEM, due to lowest price since 1st investing in August 2017.

πŸ’₯ Two Year Anniversary: Investing in Decentralized Blockchain Technology πŸ’₯

Two years after my first crypto investment in August 2017, wrote about what I had learned. Covers the early "gut check" on the mental toughness required covered and the role my beloved lifemate played in keeping me going.

● Background ● Early Day Highlights ● 2018 Disaster

Update, Month 15: 🎣 "Still fishing ..." πŸ˜‰

My usual monthly content noting STEEM "under performing" for 4 straight months! And losses ... Recognized new Steemian influences on why I was "still here" ...

Update, Month 16: 🎣 "Fishing Season Almost Over ..." πŸ˜‰

My usual monthly content noting, in spite of STEEM losses, the role a @steemitblog post played in buying some more. And then participated, for 1st time, in SPUD XI!

This was the last update post I have written, after posting it on 1 October 2019. Shortly after I stopped posting altogether in 2019. Due to my general unhappiness with how all of the EIP changes from HF 21 / HF 22 were "playing out" ...

Technical Aides

The "digital asset" class has a significant amount of technical complexity associated with choosing to "jump in" to any personal involvement with it. Given my background as a Business Systems Analyst, from time to time I have written posts about some particular challenge overcome. Which, hopefully, will be of some help to my fellow Hivians.

Lead Image Title, Link, & Summary
Tech Aide: Set-Up of New Ledger Nano X!

Covered the details of the "less than optimum" experience I had with setting up my long-awaited "Genesis Block" Ledger Nano X.

● Off to a "Flying Start" ● Setting Up 😊 and ... Bogging Down ... 😞 ● "Engineered to Amaze" Right? πŸ‘ No ... "Gotchas!" πŸ‘Ž

Tech Aide: πŸ‘Œ FIRST Exchange Transaction on Binance DEX! πŸ‘

Having a full service DEX (Decentralized Exchange) seems to be a "Holy Grail" objective of this asset class. This post covers my experience with the Binance DEX and my Ledger securing of access to it.

Tech Aide: WAX ERC-20 Token Conversion to EOSIO-Based Mainnet

Covers my experience with converting my WAX tokens from their old ERC-20 to the new "Mainnet" version. And maintaining my Ledger-back securing of access to it.

● WAX ERC-20 Token Conversion ● Income Opportunity

Tech Aide: Crypterium (CRPT) Conversion ERC-20 <=> BEP-2

Needing to undo the "boo boo" of using the Binance DEX with CRPT, covers why & what it took to undo this mistake, including using a "swap" tool, for the 1st time.

● Crypterium Swap ERC-20 <=> BEP-2 ● Crypterium Wallet Impressions

Hive Blockchain

While I normally stay out of the "politics" of the Hive blockchain, every now and then, I get a "wild hair" and wade in anyway ... πŸ˜‰

Lead Image Title, Link, & Summary
Hive Image: Red is Danger, Loss, Error, Anger ...

Not a big fan of the Hive logo colors, I wrote about the potential image problems & typical responses to them.

● Danger! => Run! ● Loss! => Sell! ● Errror! => Fix It!
● Anger! => Varies ... ● Solution?

Freewrite, 27 Apr 2020: Sustainability and Enhancing the Hive Blockchain

After a "journey" nearly 2 years & the move to HIVE, I wasted some time writing about my thoughts on what is needed, for the future.

● Reward "Good" and Punish "Bad" ● Satisfactory "Rewards" and "Punishments" ● Programmatic "Winners" and "Losers" ● "Plagiarism"

Steem Blockchain

Never deluding myself that my opinion on anything pertaining to the Steem blockchain really mattered, I seldom wrote anything about it. From time to time, I did write posts supporting various initiatives, contests, and proposals.

With the "Valentine Day Surprise" announcement of the purchase of SteemIt Inc. by Justin Sun and the subsequent "back and forth" between the "good" guys and the "bad" guys, I made a notable exception.

Lead Image Title, Link, & Summary
The #SupportHonesty Challenge

Challenged to look into to it by another Steemian, I decided to support this initiative and wrote a post explaining why. I also made my pledge and purchased some more STEEM, in a demonstration of good intent.

Indispensible SteemWorld: Appeal for Support of @steemchiller and SPS Proposal #33

Upon learning of @steemchiller's creation of his first SPS Proposal, given the high regard I had for him & SteemWorld, wrote a post in support of his SPS Proposal #33.

Reflections: Justin Sun, TRON, and STEEM ... My $0.02 ...

After the "Valentine's Day Surprise" of the purchase of SteemIt Inc. by Justin Sun, wrote my first post "calling out" for good, clear and consistent communication. And warning about the consequences of leaving a void!

SPUD XI - My First SPUD Post!

In a foolish "timing is everything" move, chose to execute 1st SPUD power-up of +600 STEEM in the "eye of the storm," after SF 22.2 and before the Sun takeover ...

Minority Report: Justin Sun, TRON, and our STEEM Blockchain

Given the potential impact on my STEEM investment, wrote my "minority report" view of all that had taken place, up to the point in time.

● TLDNR: The ❀ of the Matter ● "Tale of a Takeover"
● Procrastination and In Memoriam

Countdown 3, 2, 1 ... Steem / Hive Blockchain Split ... Go to the "Future" ...

Shortly before the creation of the Hive blockchain, I learned of the Hive AirDrop Exclusion List. And wrote this post, with 47 minutes to go, about the "future" ...


A number of the remaining posts have been categories of their own in the past, but I haven't written enough of them lately to justify a separate section. So ... Here they are!

Lead Image Title, Link, & Summary
Blog, 20 May 2019: "Special" Delivery? No ... Good Samaritan story?

A FedEx delivery gone wrong, turns into a very interesting opportunity to reject my first impulse and help someone else, with no idea how it would turn out.

● The rest of the story ... A Good Samaritan story? ● Customer "Service" Today

Celebrating Good Business! πŸ‘Œ "Onward and Upward" with PALNet! πŸ‘

With the launch of PALCoin, I was inspired to write a post about this great community, which has had such a positive influence on so many of us.

● My Brief History with @aggroed ● Launch of PALCoin ● Peace, Liberty, and Abundance (PAL) Server on Discord

Fraud Alert! Libra Online ...

After finding out about a considerably more "polished" scam that most, I "sounded the alarm" about this one related to Libra. And took the time to help others know what to look for, in spotting future scams.

Celebrating Good Business! πŸ‘Œ Crypterium Wallet πŸ‘

Very impressed with a Crypterium "Press Conference," I wrote a post about my impressions of their new wallet. A lot to like!

● Crypterium "Press Conference" ● GRAM Exchange
● Crypterium Wallet Exchange Options

Op-Ed, Investing: Trump to Blame for BTC "Crash" Too?

Sparked by comments in an interview with an ex-Trump official, I wrote about a post about the implications and the future of BTC and the crypto asset class.

● Death of Speculation? ● "Halving" of 2020 and Supply and Demand
● Maturing Market and "Smart Money"

Family History and the 2020 Census of the U.S.A.

Given my long-standing interest in family history research, took the opportunity to write more about it, with the responsibility to complete the 2020 U.S. census.

● Brief History of the U. S. Census ● 2020 Census of the United States of America

Executive Summary

So, putting a "wrap" on this ... @roleerob is unapologetically a "numbers guy," dear reader. Closing out my second year on the Steem Hive blockchain, what does the "big picture" look like? What value have I contributed to it?

Along with 3,827 words on this post ... πŸ˜‰

Okay, short of my original objective of writing a post a week. And, with a second year objective of working on writing shorter posts, looks like I failed ... 😏

Some communities have a standard of a mere 200 words for a "quality content" post. With that average, I would've ended up with 391 posts - easily more than one per day, 7 days a week. πŸ˜‰ Even raising that standard up and doubling to an average of 400 words per post, I still would've ended up with 195 posts. Kind of a pointless calculation, though, as that is very unlikely to happen.

It has been a blessing this year, to experience firsthand the efforts of the wonderful @trendthis team created by @joshman. Unlike most communities, they are actually looking for longer, high quality, "epic" posts. It was very encouraging to me and my particular "style" of posting to win two of their awards over the last few months!

Am I just adding value by writing my own posts? And not adding value to the work of others by looking into and commenting on their posts?

There is no information to check this on Hive of which I am aware. The above is from SteemWorld today. Although it can't be exact, the numbers speak for themselves, in answering the question. It actually gets even better, for those of you who participate in the excellent weekly Hive Engagement League posts of @abh12345. I normally score high on the length of my comments, in addition to the simple count of them shown above.


Overall, I feel very good about the value I add to the Hive blockchain. With that, my second year is "in the bag." We'll see how it goes, but right now I am not inclined to change my objectives - at least 1 post per week, that is somewhat shorter ... Time will tell how I do in my third year! πŸ‘‹


So, all things considered it was quite a second year for @roleerob - new to the online social networking world. I can't really say enough about the experience of engaging with others all over the world. In my upcoming monthly two year highlights post, I will focus on some of these people.

Thank you for reading my two year anniversary post. For all of our sakes, I hope the "drama" over the "war" between the Steem and Hive blockchains dies down. How likely is that? If I am still here at the end of year 3, then maybe I'll have something more to say on how it all "played out."

There are still people with whom I have developed relationships I value that keep me going. Some of whom have chosen to focus their primary or exclusive efforts on the Steem blockchain. And who I still wish to support.

So ...

For now, I have remained powered up and active on both. If forced to choose, that will not be difficult. I will focus my efforts exclusively on the Hive blockchain. It is where I already invest most of my time.

With that, "onward and upward, into Year 3! Along the way, dear reader, I'll "see" you out there on the "curation trail!" I’d love to hear any feedback you may be inspired to provide.

Until "next time," all the best to you for a better tomorrow, as we all work together to build up our Hive Communities and add increasing value to our Hive blockchain! πŸ‘ 😊

Hivian @roleerob

🐝 🍯 🐝


P.S. My "Monthly" Update: πŸ’₯ 2nd Annual Highlights Edition! πŸ’₯ post is a "companion" to this one. It contains statistics and highlights associated with my 2-year "journey."


Posted using PeakD and β€œimmutably enshrined” in the Hive blockchain on Thursday, 14 May 2020!

PeakD: An awesome interface for our Hive blockchain.

Check it out!

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Congrats on your second birthday on Steem Hive, that's quite remarkable for someone who doesn't do social media!

And I thought I liked my spreadsheets, but you're so much more organised than me 😊

Thank you for stopping by @livinguktaiwan and sharing your thoughts. Yes, I am not the "social butterfly" type, but I am thankful for the opportunity to use this fascinating new technology to engage with others all over the world. Like you! πŸ˜‰

Take care and have a great day "over there!" πŸ‘‹

This is a very ambitious 2 year summary and a great go to post for anyone who wants to know more about what you've accomplished. I felt great when I reached two years as well. And we've survived the greatest existential threat.

Thank you for stopping by @abitcoinskeptic and sharing your thoughts. Yes, given all that has gone on over time, I am surprised frankly to still be "in here." Will I make it to the end of Year 3? πŸ€·β€β™‚ πŸ€·β€β™€

Probably. In way one or another. Simply being on the "front lines" of what these blockchains think they are creating is worth something ...

"And we've survived the greatest existential threat."

Yes, well, you have far more confidence in that statement than I do. The "core" issues, as far as I can see anyway, are still here ...

I'm aware of the core issues, I was just hoping for some celebration. However, you are right. Kill the king and one (or a few) tyrants pop back up in their place. I think it could be fixed as I see no real desire for them to destroy the system. I was giving them until July 1st to get their acts together with no more need to talk about Steem or especially Steemit (we are well on track here). I'll give them to March 22nd next year to fix some of the other core issues (lack of diversity at the top and with proposals, deploy SMTs, etc).

Yes sir, there are certainly some things to celebrate. For example, you and I are both still here, at least so far, through "thick and thin" ... πŸ˜‰

So, you're right, that should be worth something. Let's see what it looks like a year from now. Hopefully, we'll both still be around to "talk" about it! πŸ‘

I think that is a great idea. I'm still learning, too. I used Beempy to upvote your kind reply and Now I'm using it to write this comment.

I love reading a post a little bit of meat on it oh, and you have not been a disappointment! It has been a great ride and I think that we can all say that we've had some amazing experiences. I look forward to reading more of yours and congratulations!


Β 7 months agoΒ (edited)

Thank you for the kind words @dswigle. πŸ™‚ And the tip! Coming from you they mean a lot, as one of the people steadily adding real value to our Hive blockchain.

I am, perhaps, a touch biased, but on this ...

"I love reading a post a little bit of meat on it ..."

... I think you have probably come to the right place. πŸ˜‰

Seriously, I have made attempts to write shorter posts. On a few occasions, I even managed to create posts under 1,000 words, but they are only a handful of them. I don't write many of them, but I try to make the ones I do write "count" ...

I hope there are many good years to come for both of us. Until "next time," I hope you and yours are well in this crazy world of ours. πŸ‘‹

Oh, how satisfying to see all those articles and thumbnails presented! Really makes you realize all the work you've been able to share with the world :-) Glad that you made it to two years - hope to see you in another two :D Cheers!

Thank you for stopping by @soyrosa and sharing your thoughts. Yes, the effort to put this together did bring back some fond memories. And some "not so much" ... πŸ˜‰ That is part of the whole experience in these "virtual worlds," though, so we move on and see what another year might bring.

Thank you for your role in being a steady part of all that is taking place to add value to Hive!

Senior @roleerob, Are you the people who create hive?
Your knowledge and interest in Hive is passionate.
Are Americans creating hive for freedom of speech and independence?

Getting home, I wrote the following posts about what I reflected upon during all of that "windshield time" driving almost 5,000 miles across 8 states:

Wow, did you drive 8000 kilometers by yourself? You drove a distance eight times longer than the length of the Korean Peninsula.
Indeed, the greatness of the American continent is beyond my imagination.

How was your feeling going alone on the infinite horizon?
Perhaps I feel loneliness and fear in an infinite continent.
The vastness of the American territory has always overwhelmed me.

No, @silvergrifin007 ...

"Are you the people who create hive?"

... I had nothing to do with creating the Hive blockchain. Like you, I am a fellow "traveler" through the "virtual world" built on the vision of what this blockchain is and can be.

Yes, I drove 8,000 km by myself. Over the span of 30 days, as written about in considerable detail in my "Road to Recovery" posts. And no ...

"How was your feeling going alone on the infinite horizon?
Perhaps I feel loneliness and fear in an infinite continent."

... I did not feel alone at all. It was both a time of great refreshment and recovery, after the deep stresses of the last few years of my career, as well as a time of reflection upon what the "next of my chapter," of my life might hold for me and beloved lifemate.

I hope you and yours are well, my Korean friend, in the midst of this crazy world.

Dear senior @roleerob, After you retired, I was impressed by the your travel diary that you crossed 8000 kilometers.
You have suffered for decades as a father, husband and employee.
I envy the fact that you have dedicated your life for family and work, and enjoy your new life after retirement.
In particular, America's beautiful, vast, wild and rich nature is great. On the other hand, China has too much population, and most of its territory is barren deserts and wilderness, so nature has been destroyed.
Compared to China's depleted and destroyed nature, the United States still has a beautiful nature full of vitality.
Perhaps you are happy because you live in the beautiful nature of America.
Certainly America was blessed with God.
Senior, I wish you a healthy and long life.

Congratulations on making it to the (hopefully not so terrible) 2's :D

Looking back, you've added some high quality pieces into the mix and I hope for more of the same this next year.

I also hope that you'll have a year writing without a bear (market) on your back!

Thank you Asher. I appreciate you stopping by and adding your well wishes and thoughts to this post.

"I also hope that you'll have a year writing without a bear (market) on your back!"

Yes, that would be both nice and a new experience. I was not "in here" during the ATH era of Steem. Just a HODLer. All the way up! πŸ€— And ... πŸ€” Back down well below my average purchase prices ... 😞

You and I will both find out what the coming year will bring. While it may or may not do okay "in here," I am far more concerned than most appear to be, with what is coming "out there."

Whatever it may be, I suspect the "new normal" and "post-COVID" world are going to be topics for a long time to come.

Two years of giving from progress, from learning from diligence, from meeting new friends. I hope that you will complete 10 years with more work and development in all magazines, especially blogging.
I wish to you a good day my friend . I joined in Hive this month. I hope that I will also develop.

Thank you for the well wishes @spacetoon. Nice to hear from a new participant here on the Hive blockchain. You will find it to be a fascinating "virtual world." Like the "real world," this one has its good points and its "not so much" ... Try to focus on the former and stay as far away from the latter as you can manage.

Along the way, on your own "journey," if I can help you in any way, please feel free to ask. I will be happy to do what I can to help you.

Thank you brother for the support and motivation
I am now learning English continuously and this is my first goal on this site. I also learn blogging and design. I publish books in Amazon, but I lack experience and together the time I learn and develop. I registered on the site in order to develop my English and exchange information about design and enjoy my time with all friends Through competitions and challenges, and I hope everyone is fine.

Very good @spacetoon. You are already doing okay with your English. If you engage steadily β€œin here,” I am sure you will see steady improvement.

As something you might consider, I would encourage you to check in to the weekly Hive Engagement League of @abh12345. He publishes it each Sunday, typically in the mornings. Simply drop him a request to join in the comments of one of his weekly HEL posts and he will add you to his list of weekly participants. There is no cost to you. You will then have a weekly check to see how you are doing. As well as find an opportunity to engage with many others.

Work steadily, remember to have fun along the way, and all the best to you for a better tomorrow!

thank you for this good informations .
Yes, as I said me with the duration I will learrning, I will learn and I appreciate your efforts to help me. I will try to improve day by day, show you some of my skills, and thank you very much. I will do what you tell me and make this year a beautiful year for learning, diligence and development. See you later my friend.

Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary of the HIVE blockchain! You are really a consistent, disciplined, and goal-oriented guy when it comes to the numbers and putting posts out to the blockchain. Kudos to you! Upvoted!

Thank you for the kind words @afiqsejuk. I appreciate it! I hope you are also finding your experience here on our Hive blockchain to be rewarding. Be well in this crazy COVID world all around us!

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happy 2 roleerob :)

Thank you @michealb!

Happy Hive Birthday @roleerob

Thank you kindly @arcange. I appreciate it! πŸ™‚

P.S. I hope you and your team will not be hurt by this pending "secret" hardfork on Steem. What a mess ...

Congratulations @roleerob on your wonderful 2 years journey may we connect and stay engaged on this platform. All the best for future.

Thank you for the well wishes @praditya. All the best to you in the future as well!

Nice achievement! I already have 2 years and a half since I first joined the blockchain. Time flies so fast!

Thank you @gabrielatravels! Yes, "time flies when you're having fun!" I appreciate all you do to add value to our blockchain. Have a great day "over there!" πŸ‘‹

You are too kind! Thank you so much! Have a great day too!

Some impressive stats.

Thank you @rynow!

Quite a journey. Keep it rolling.

Thank you @ckole!

Happy anniversary! Two years and moreπŸ’•πŸŽ‚

Thank you for the well wishes @denissecakes. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving them!

Congrats @roleerob! Its nice to have you around still! We need more people like you here on Hive!❀️❀️
cheers, @lizanomadsoul from hivebuzz team

Thank you @hivebuzz / @lizanomadsoul. I am grateful for the words of encouragement! πŸ™‚

you are very welcome @roleerob! I am a big fan of your work you know that πŸ˜‰
It would be very appreciated if you could vote for our proposal on Peakd.com so we can keep up the good work!
cheers, liz

Okay @hivebuzz / @lizanomadsoul, as a supporter of your work and as requested, I have voted the +31 MVests over which I have control in support of your DHF Proposal # 109. πŸ™‚ As a part-timer, I don't have time to keep abreast of all the latest developments, so thank you for bringing it to my attention.

For what it is worth, it is challenging for me (and many others?) to get past the fact my vote on such matters appears to mean very little. Even as a so-called "1%er," it is indisputable that a handful of "0.001%ers" can vote for whatever they want and the rest of us combined will not overcome their uhhh ... "influence" ...

Anyway, I have responded to your request and wanted to let you know. Take care "out there" in this crazy "new normal" world ...

Thank you @roleerob! This is indeed and very sadly true, but I do believe that a lot of none wales combined together can also make a difference πŸ™‚ and who knows, if wales see how many people already voted on it, maybe it also makes a difference.
Anyhow I am truely thankful for your support!! It means a lot to me❀️❀️
cheers, liz

Congrats in completing 2 years on the blockchain, this June I will be completing 3 years.

Thank you for the well wishes @codingdefined. Great to hear you will soon be completing your 3rd year. All the best to you, as we all work together to continue adding value to this blockchain.

Happy belated 2 year birthday! 2 years toughing it out shows you are a dedicated and determined person. Keep at it! πŸ’ͺ

Thank you for the well wishes @foxyspirit. Yes, I suppose ...

"... you are a dedicated and determined person."

... that may be true. But ... I wonder sometimes how bright continuing on is, given all the back and forth between the Steem and Hive blockchains. And what these actions represent to me ...

Anyway, thanks again for stopping by!

Happy "B'Day", @roleerob.

Thank you @wiseagent.

my 2nd Hive/steem b day approaching in August. Reading what you have done makes me regret being in hibernation for half of it. Only now am I starting to get into a groove. Still enjoyed reading your journey. It's inspired me to do more!

Thank you for letting me know you found a little encouragement in my post @scubahead. Most of us have times of concern, of one sort of another I would imagine. You see in the number of my posts this 2nd year, I am down myself from my 1st year. We'll see what Year 3 brings!

So, hang in there and I hope you and yours keep well in this crazy COVID world we all live in!

many thanks @roleerob. it's a time I believe we must all get positive and do the things we always put off

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Happy anniversary

Thank you

You're welcome