Steem Train to the Tron Station

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Credit to @xpilar

Steem Train to the Tron Station

Hello Steemian
My writing is my interpretation of artwork created by @xpilar. He gave the opportunity for all of us to make a story based on the work he published. If you have them, please read the following post.
The image is made of own imagination and thoughts (competition 67)
in this opportunity I will write in some parts. It caused by my thought about this art work and connected to some events in our lovely Steem blockchain.

As we know, Justin Sun has bought Steemit Inc. and controls a large number of Steem so that he has a significant influence in controlling or influencing the blockchain. We also know that Steem is not just STeemit. Steem is much bigger than Steemit. Steemit is in the STeem blockchain environment. However, with the purchase of a large number of Steem, of course he can also become an influential whale.

Role of Witness

In my view, TRON will be directed as a station to be addressed if Justin becomes a machinist at STeem. This desire can certainly be understood because there must be ambitions to be achieved in managing their business. They certainly want to reach the target of mastering Steem. Of course they do not want to leave STeem without their use for their interests. They see Steem as a great power that can lead to their goals. This will certainly be a very reason to incorporate in their blockchain. Although they also know that it is not an easy matter to master STeem because Steem is not just an institution. Steem is like a vast and deep ocean. Steem blockchain is a very useful ecosystem and will be maintained by all residents.
Influential residents are of course the witnesses. those who continue to work hard to make a block have economic value so that all will enjoy the work done. Witnesses who become the foundation of every transaction in various ways will certainly be expected to become an income. because of course we cannot deny that all STeemians have a desire that their involvement in Steem will bring in money.
These witness are expected to turn all existing nodes successfully calibrated into a monetary value. That is why all Steemians are expected to choose trustworthiness to work so they can add economic value. Hope every Steemian especially as creators content will be able to make the work a valuable asset.
In the midst of this transition when Justin said he would let the Status Quo against Steem, the witnesses took a big role by holding a Soft Fork. This step will certainly guide the future Steem train.
Therefore we cannot help but really hope that the witnesses will be the front guard in the defense of Steem. Without the work of the witnesses, our work during becoming Steemian will only be a status update on Facebook which will only be a model of looking for likes and comments without added economic value.

TRON as fuel

Although TRON's supporters want to make Tron a destination station in the hope of combining the Steem blockchain with their blockchain will give birth to new strength, this is still very difficult to do. The power of Steem as a blockchain and witnesses who remain loyal to maintain the existence of STeem will certainly be difficult to "defeat"
In my opinion, it would be better and wise if TRON acts as fuel for Steemtrain to get to the destination station. A large capital tightness is expected to be able to increase the value of Steem which will also benefit them.
The joining of two great forces in the form of capital and a great blockchain system is expected to form a symbiotic mutualism and become a win win solution.
Thus all my writing this time may useful for all of us.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.


Very good @rokhani, Re-steemed

Thank you @xpilar. I still have my thought. i will write again later

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