How Hive Users helped raise the Hive blockchain

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Hello lovely friends!

"We are not big financiers but can help raise the Hive"

I believe the above expression is true. many Hive users, of course, including me not a financier, let alone a large financier. I joined Hive and entered on the previous blockchain since March 3, 2018. I did not use capital money to increase my account. I just do it as when I used social media that I used first like Facebook and What App.
I have never made another crypto purchase. I only collect coin after coin from the results of posting. this is a form of my diversion from just posting on Facebook then I do it on this blockchain.
I always feel happy to know Hive and Steem. I judge it would be better if the blockchain is active decentralized than centralized one.



How to participate in bringing up the Hive

As hive users, of course we will be very happy to know that Hive is growing bigger. As a platform, we hope that Hive can have many users so that it will be easier for investors to invest in the Hive blockchain. This will be one of the biggest factors in increasing crypto value hives.
Even though we only use the ideas in our heads as assets to help develop the Hive, we don't need to be discouraged. I am sure there are contributions that we can give and work to contribute to the growth of the Hive. some steps we can take between are:

1. Stay active on Hive

the most we can do to help the Hive continue to grow is to be active in the Hive. We can post with a variety of material that we are good at.
we must provide more benefits to hive audiences. Thus, people will continue to try to get information, entertainment, news and knowledge through Hive. If we can do this consistently, then we will be able to see the growth of the Hive faster.

2. Promote the Hive on other social media

One way that will be able to help a big hive is promotion through various other media. We can make our own posts about Hive through our twitter account.
We have seen many Hive users who try hard to do promotions. various initiatives such as those carried out by @theycallmedan, and @nathanmars are certainly worthy of our participation.
If we don't make a post about Hive, we can retweet from their post on Twitter. the seniors are always actively fighting for this blockchain because they also want the Hive to grow even bigger.
We know that Twitter has so many users from various parts of the world. if they were still not aware of the existence of the Hive at first, but we continue to bombard Twitter with news about the Hive, I'm sure more and more people will turn to HIVE.

3. Held meet ups

One way to strengthen and support is to meet up. With these meetings we can strengthen each other's hive users and also introduce the hive to the people who come along.
There we can explain the ins and outs and all that things about Hive. With adequate explanation I'm sure many people will be interested.

Through some of the ways I have explained, Hive could be expected to be even greater. And we hope that the greater the Hive will attract investors and increase the value of hive coins. in the end we hope that we can enjoy our success at Hive and realize our dreams through Hive.
Thus my writing this time may be useful for us all.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it.


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