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Hello lovely friends!
Joining the hive is a real step into the world of blockchain. this will be a progress in us to understand the existence of a platform that is not just a means of social media.
before getting to know the blockchain I used Facebook as one of the main media in cyberspace. I post various things. As if it becomes a habit. I also saw many friends who were active on other social media.
However, since being introduced to and then joining a blockchain-based platform I have felt a fundamental difference and changed the direction of my understanding.
In hive to be very different in doing our activities. In the past, on Facebook I made poems, short stories or other posts, all we got was inner satisfaction, praise from friends, likes or comments.
at Hive everything can change. There is a positive value that is not shared by the centralistic platform.
For me, Hive gave a lot of things. I discovered new things in managing my account. During my joining I felt a significant change in making myself able to grow together in a healthy community. we know how big the role of a platform that is able to bridge ourselves with the outside world. hive allows us to get benefits and make donations to other people.



We get a lot of benefits

I feel a significant change since I got to know this platform. Various benefits that I can learn include:

1. Change the pattern of discipline

The thought of making posts with understanding will become a new asset when I entered the world of the blockchain I began to learn to post with more discipline.

2. Maintaining quality

If in the past only thinking about vent or pouring out of your heart and making writing more improvised, turned into thinking about interesting post material and making writing with more thought about quality. This is an advanced process so that I will be able to write better in the future. this made me realize that in doing things I had to prioritize quality.

3. Full freedom

if in centralized media we cannot freely make a post. hive gives us complete freedom. only the account owner has the right to delete a post. We don't need to fear censorship, banning or deleting posts

4. Expanding promiscuity

With more experience at Hive I feel like relationships are growing. Many experiences that I can draw from many other Hive users. Even through the existing discord we can ask questions about things we don't understand so that we can walk on the right rail. we know that in a vast world we can reach in a short time and we can find information quickly.

5. Introducing culture

Through hive we can introduce native culture in our area. In a country that is so vast Indonesia can be material for a post. we can easily find a very diverse culture.
Regional culture that includes various branches of arts, culinary, simple technology to trust can be material that will enrich the treasury in a post on Hive.

There are so many benefits that we haven't revealed yet that will make us believe that joining HIVE is the right step for learning.

We learn, we earn

Thus all my writing this time may useful for all of us.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it


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