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RE: It's not Koreans vs the rest of us...It should be us, united, vs a guy who's trying to tear us apart.

in OCD8 months ago

Steem is a good project with a lot of potential to grow but without many exchanges to support it, like many other projects, it is broken by the bear market, apart from many witnesses who are never in agreement, neither for the good nor bad changes, I hope this will be resolved soon to be able to be united if this ship stops going aimlessly.


Why would they not support Steem?

STEEM is being listed on the biggest exchanges.

Binance Huobi and Bittrex are big players in the crypto space. The fact that they abused their power and helped Justin is a whole different discussion...

Bittrex didn't.

I was actually referring to big exchanges that we are listed on. Of course Bittrex didn't. And none of the above demanded shorter powerdowns and downvote removal.

It's just Justin trying to "charm" the Korean community.

If he succeeds in charming them, forking their stake out should be seriously considered.