The mosquito perches on the flower crown.

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Mosquitoes are creatures that are disgusting to most people. Because mosquitoes are blood-sucking noster and carriers of disease for humans. Usually they are in a dirty place or dark place. But this time I found a mosquito perched on a flower crown. Do mosquitoes like flowers ?? .. I have never heard of mosquitoes like flowers, maybe by coincidence this mosquito is just standing on this flower. I tried capturing some of the pictures using a smartphone camera and adding a macro lens. I made it look a little special. Hope you guys like it.




Camera smartphone xiomi redmi note 6 pro + macro lens

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By @rizasukma


Wah..gambar2 mAkro yg keren dari Riza. Kiban haba? Sukses selalu..salam dari Bireuen.

Alhamdulillah haba got bang. Terima kasih bang. Salam juga dari sigli. Semoga kita bisa berkumpul kembali. 🙏🙏

Insyaallah riza, kita hrus bertemu diskusi byl hal sambil ngopi. Nanti kita susun jadwalnya ya.

Oke bang.