Photographing two types of wasp nests.

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Hello, all...!!!
On this occasion I will share two types of wasp nests. I took a photo of this wasp from a separate location. I took this wasp nest photo some distance away. I took pictures with a smartphone camera and didn't use a macro lens. Because I saw that this wasp is very aggressive and I dare not approach it. In the first and second photos a wasp nest stands on dry leaves. But the third and fourth photos of wasp nests are picking up something from the bark of a banana tree. This wasp is known for its highly venomous sting.





Camera smartphone xiomi redmi note 6 pro

That's all I can share in this post. Hope you guys like it.

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Great post and beautiful macrophotography friends 👍

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I love this. I will like to know which type of macro lens you use and which brand? Thanks