Photographing Flies using a macro lens.

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Hello all...
The following are some pictures of flies taken using a smartphone camera coupled with a macro lens.

This fly stands on weeds. Maybe these flies are honey-sucking flies, because I often see them standing on the small flowers of wild plants.



Camera smartphone xiomi redmi note 6 pro + macro lens

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By @rizasukma.


The details to this is MINDBLOWING. Amazing work mate. This is absolutely legendary

Thank you for your support. I feel very happy and continue to share my best.

Thats great. Keep going mate. 🙌🏽🙌🏽

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thanks. I am very happy to read this. I will join in and continue to do my best and share the hive platform.

Awesome pictures. i also like photography and footage of nature. How's the lockdown going?

awesome photos!!!!