Photo of caterpillar on leaf.

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Hello all.....!!!
On this occasion I will share some pictures of caterpillars that I took using a smartphone camera and add a macro lens.



Camera smartphone xiomi redmi note 6 pro + macro lens

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By @rizasukma


Good photograph! Which type of macro lens do you use? And these looks like there is some kind of editing.

I attach a macro lens to the phone camera. There are many brands of macro lenses. You can choose to match the lens of your cellphone. in my latest post there is a sighting of the lens

Ok thanks

Why didn't you reply to this comment please ? I am interested also :-)

I want to ask why you voted negatively on this post. Please answer.

I told you before. I considered it to be over rewarded. We have upvotes and downvoted here. Three similar photos and 50 words is not worthy of such high reward in my opinion.