Education and Mental Guidance at the Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Drug Victims


Hello All my HIVE Friends. wherever you are May we all always be healthy and can succeed in carrying out all the activities according to what we have planned and may we all always be in the protection of Allah the Almighty and of course May all our goals be achieved.

Dear friend. On this occasion I would like to post some photos when I held a recitation at the rehabilitation center for drug victims where they are people who want to recover from drug dependence, including drugs that affect the mind, namely drugs.

they want to get back healthy like us they want to go back to normal life like we don't have anything negative in their mind for that they run rehabilitation because they have been victims of drug abuse and for that I provide some guidance at the rehabilitation center.

The most important guidance is around religious knowledge and belief in Allah Almighty so that we can eliminate dependence on these illegal drugs and also psychological guidance as well as mental guidance needed by them so that they recover like us.

Hopefully we all don't fall into the black world of drug abuse. Hopefully we and our families will be safe from the bad effects and killing effects of these drugs. Hopefully we will become a successful generation and we wish them a speedy recovery too because they want to be like us to be successful together.

Thank you very much and the highest thanks to all friends who have visited, read, shared, provided comments / criticisms / suggestions, and gave an assessment of my writing.

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Good Luck Tgk @rijalaronaceh